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Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Chico California Oversize Permits & Escort Information


Note: For state regulations, see California OD Regulations

City of Chico Oversize/Overweight Permit

General Conditions

Limits of Authorization: This permit is valid only on roads and highways under the jurisdiction of City of Chico. This permit is not valid on posted city highways and bridges. This permit is valid only on the route shown on the map.

Parking of Vehicles: Permittee shall not, during restricted hours or at any other time, stand, or park the permitted vehicle or vehicles on any city highway. It shall continue to move, using reasonable care and precaution to prevent traffic disruption, to the nearest suitable spot en route where  the load may be parked for the duration of restricted period.

Operating Hours: This permit is effective only within the period stated on the face of the permit. Movement is restricted to daylight lours, or as indicated on face of this permit . Moving is prohibited from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. No moving during foggy or rainy weather and the following days: 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day.

Permit to be Carried on Vehicle: The permit is valid only when it is carried on the permitted vehicle.

Permit Subject to Inspection: The permit is the property of City of Chico Department of Public Works and must be surrendered upon to any law enforcement officer or employee of the City of Chico Department of Public Works. Loads which will travel outside of Chico city limits shall have permits from the State of California and/or the County of Butte.


Lettering shall be a 10-inch minimum height with a 1-5/8-inch minimum brush stroke, and a minimum 1-inch margin all around. All signs shall be black letters on yellow background, mounted at least 18 inches above the road surface front and rear. Signs shall be neat, clean, legible, mounted security, and visible from straight ahead or behind and up to 45-degrees on either side.


Signs: Sings reading “Long Load” shall be displayed ahead and behind the load, respectively. If the load is “not” over 75 feet long an “Oversized Load” sign may be substituted. Signs shall conform to the above section labeled “Signs”.

Pilot Cars: Pilot cars are required fore and aft when load is 75 feet or longer. The pilot car shall display signs as set forth in Item 1 above.

Special Conditions: Any load 100 feet or over may be subject to additional special conditions by the Department of Public Works.

Keep to the Right of Centerline: The load must be kept to the right of the highway centerline at all times and must stay off shoulders except when entering and leaving the highway, or when necessary to allow trailing traffic to pass on narrow or winding roads.


Signs: If a vehicle or load is over 8′ feet wide, a warning sign reading “Wide Load” or Excessive Width” shall be displayed on front and in the rear of vehicle load. An “Oversize Load” sign may be substituted. Signs shall conform to the above section labeled “Signs”.

Pilot Cars: Whenever the equipment or load is so overwidth that it cannot be kept continuously to the right of the center of the particular road being traversed, pilot cars or flagmen shall be in attendance front and rear at all times, displaying a red flag and appropriate warning signs.

Special Conditions: Any load over 10′ in width may be subject to additional special conditions by the Department of Public Works.


Impaired Vertical Clearance: It shall be the responsibility of the Permittee to check all underpasses, bridges, overhead wires, or other structures for impaired vertical clearance and to bypass or arrange clearance at such locations prior to time movement is commenced.

Overhead Lines: Permittee must notify the owner of all overhead lines subject to disturbance or damage by his operation at least 24 hours in advance of work and mutually agreeable arrangement must be made between the parties involved.

Snooter and Rood Boarders: Snooter and Roof Boarders are required from 16′ high to above the highest point of load.

Rood Riders: Any loadin exceed of 20′ in height shall have a roof rider.

Pilot Cars: A pilot car shall be provided for all loads 16′ or higher.

Special Conditions: Any load 16′ or over may be subject to additional special conditions by the Department of Public Works.


Allowable Overweight: Axle weights shall not exceed those shown on the face of the permit.

For Transportation Permit Conditions see

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