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Oversize/Overweight Permit And Regulations

Hesperia California Oversize Permits & Escort Information


Note: For state regulations, see California OD Regulations

Weight and Dimension Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Wide and Overload Permits

The minimum requirements for wide and overload permits per the Vehicle Code, Division 15, Section 35102, 35401 are as follows:

  • Width – Over 102 inches (8,5 feet – tires 9 feet)
  • Height – Over 14 feet
  • Length – Over 40 feet

Any load larger than any of these measurements must have a transportation permit to travel within Hesperia’s city limits.

The fees for transportation permits are as follows:

  • Single Trip Permit – $16.00
  • Annual Permit – $86.00

Transportation Permit Conditions

Limitation of Authorization: This permit is valid only on routes under the jurisdiction of the City of Hesperia. All provisions of the California Vehicle Code shall be observed, including registration and licence plates. Except as specifically provided in the permit, the requirements of the Vehicle Code and any other applicable laws must be complied within all particulars.

Restrictions: This permit is restricted on Main St. from 11th Ave. to “C” Ave. between 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This permit is not valid on State Highways (including the roadway crossing under, or over a State Freeway). A separate moving permit will be required on State Highways from Caltrans. This permit is not valid on streets or bridges that have posted weight limits unless so stated on face of permit. This permit is not valid on Bear Valley Road from Industrial Blvd. to Ridgecrest Ave. (This area is permitted by the City of Victorville). Granting of the permit shall in no way relieve the permittee from liability for damage to the routes under the jurisdiction of the City of Hesperia, or to person or property.

Parking of vehicle: Permittee shall not, during restricted hours, or any other time, stand or park the permitted vehicle where it creates a definite hazard of traffic obstruction. If the vehicle is in one of the above mentioned areas at the beginning of a restricted movement period, it shall continue to move, using reasonable care and precaution to prevent traffic disruption, to the nearest suitable spot in route, where the load may be parked for the duration of the restricted period.

Operating hours: This permit is effective within the period stated on the face of the permit. Unless specifically stated otherwise. Moving is prohibited from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and from 12:00 noon on Saturday until 12:01 am on Monday on Main St. between 11th Ave. and “C” Ave. No moving during fog, snow or on Sunday and the following holidays: Fourth of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Years Day; Memorial Day. Overweight moving between June 1st and October 15th is restricted to 12:01 am to 10:00 am.

Night moves: Any load moved during night-time hours shall meet all requirements of State and County and City regulations and shall be properly lighted with warning lights and signs as may be required by law and ordinance. A pilot car will be required for loads over 12′ wide per state.

Special inspection: Special inspections as required by permit conditions will be charged at the appropriate rate with a 2-hour minimum charge and must be arranged for 24 hours in advance.


Pilot cars: Pilot cars are required fore and aft when the overall length is 100′ long, or over, unless otherwise specified on the face of the permit. The pilot cars shall display additional signs as set forth in item VI.

Restricted hours: As noted on face of permit for loads over 135′ long.

Inspection: Any overall length of 100′ long or more, is subject to inspection by a Public Works Inspector. Inspection must be arranged for 24 hours before scheduled move.

Keep to right of centerline: The load must be kept to the right of the highway centerline at all times and must stay off shoulders except when entering or leaving the highway, or when necessary to allow trailing traffic to pass on narrow or winding roads.


Pilot cars: Pilot cars displaying signs the same as specified in item VI shall be provided by the permittee both fore and aft when the load is 14′ wide or more and shall provide for either fore or aft for loads over 12′ wide (2 or 3 lanes – fore; 4 or more lanes-aft).

Restricted hours: Any load or vehicle 14′ or wider shall be restricted to moving during the hours of 11:00 pm to 5:00 am and may not move from 5:00 am Saturday until Monday at 12:01 am. Any load or vehicle over 10′ wide, bur less that 14′ wide, shall not move between the hours of 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 5:00 am Saturday until 12:01 am Monday on Main Street between 11th Ave. and “C” Ave.

Inspection: Any load 14′ wide or over is subject to inspection by the City of Hesperia, Public Works/Engineering forces, and must be arranged for 24 hours before scheduled move.


Impaired vertical clearance: It shall be the responsibilities of the permittee to check all underpasses, bridges, overhead wires, or other structures for impaired vertical clearance and to bypass arrange clearance at such locations.

Overhead lines: Permittee must notify the owner of all overhead lines subject to disturbance or damage by his operation at least 24 hours in advance of move and mutually agreeable arrangements must be made between the parties involved.

Snooter and roof boards: Snooter and roof boards are required from 18′ high to above the highest point of load. Any load in excess of 20′ shall be provided with a means of access to the highest point.

Restricted hours: All loads 18′ high or higher shall be moved during the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.

Pilot cars: A pilot car displaying signs and same as specified in Item VI shall be provided for all loads 18′ high or higher and shall have a Hesperia Police Department escort in addition (to be arranged for by permittee prior to move) at permittees expanse.

Inspection: Any load 18′ or higher is subject to inspection by the City of Hesperia Public Works Inspector, and must be arranged for 24 hours before the schedule move.


Allowable overweight: Axle weights shall not exceed those shown on the face of the permit. All gross loads in excess of 75 tons shall not exceed 5 MPH when approaching any crossing or structure.


Unless specifically stated otherwise on the face of the permit, all loads or vehicles being moved in the City of Hesperia under the provisions of Section 35780 C.V.C., exceeding 102′ in width, exceeding legal length or 14′ in height when loaded, or with more that 10′ of overhang, must display appropriate warning signs. All signs shall be removed immediately upon completion of the move.

Signs shall be posted on the front and rear and shall read “oversize load”, “wide load”, or “long load”, or as appropriate for front and rear overhang. The “oversize load” sign shall have preference when a combination of features exists. The lettering shall be 10″ minimum height with a 2″ minimum brush stroke and a minimum of 1″ border all around. All signs shall be black letters on a yellow background, printed at least 18″ above the road surface front and rear. Signs must be neat, clean, legible. mounted securely and visible from straight ahead and behind, and to 45 degrees each side thereof. All signs must be illuminated for night moves, or be constructed of suitable reflectorized material to be clearly visible to approaching traffic.

For Transportation Permit Application Form see https://www.cityofhesperia.us/DocumentCenter/View/3276/Transportation-Permit-Instructions-and-Conditions-Template?bidld=

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