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Note: For state regulations, see California OD Regulations

Section 35701 of the California Vehicle Code allows local authorities to prohibit the use of a street by any commercial vehicle except for public utility vehicles or any commercial vehicle on a direct route from an unrestricted street for the purpose of making pickups or deliveries. In 2004 the City Council approved an ordinance that designated truck routes on the following streets only:
  • Isabel Avenue
  • Kitty Hawk Road between Jack London Boulevard and Airway Boulevard
  • Airway Boulevard between Kitty Hawk Road and I-580
  • East Stanley Boulevard west of Isabel Avenue

The Isabel Avenue (State Route 84) corridor is an appropriate facility to function as a truck route. Roadways along the Isabel Avenue corridor have been designed to State highway or expressway standards and can structurally withstand the increased loading due to trucks.

In January, 2001 the City of Livermore modified its existing Transportation Permit Procedure and related permit forms. The City’s Transportation Permit Procedure has been updated to more closely reflect current Caltrans procedure. Permits are issued for the movement of an “Extralegal Load” as defined in California Vehicle Code Sec. 320.5.

Single Trip Permit Application

A single trip permit is valid for a laden and unladen round-trip. The Clerk checks height, length, weight, overhang, and width specifications and requested route on the application. If the application falls within the City of Livermore Transportation Permit Procedure criteria, then the vehicle is deemed acceptable for a single trip permit.

City of Livermore Conditions for Transportation Permits

  • This permit is issued for movement of an “Extralegal Load” as defined in California Vehicle Code Sec. 320.5.
  • Proof of Insurance in accordance with California Vehicle Code Sec. 16500.5 may be required prior to the issuance of a transportation permit.
  • Oversize Vehicles shall be limited to routes as specified an this permit. No trucks over 80,000 pounds shall use Arroyo Road Bridge over the Arroyo Mocho.
  • All conditions required by CalTrans and the California State Vehicle Code, Division 15, Chapters 1 through 5, shall apply to this permit.
  • If permit is an Annual Transportation Permit, a copy of the permit must be carried in the permitted vehicle with all attachments.
  • When loads exceed the legal height limit (14’0″), it becomes the responsibility of the permit holder to check all underpasses, bridges, overhead wires, or other structures for impaired vertical clearance and to bypass or arrange clearance at such location. Listed below are some height clearance at bridges: Livermore Ave. at RR crossing = 15′, Murrieta Ave. at RR crossing = 15′, and N. Livermore Ave. at I-580 = 15’1″.
  • No moves shall be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 – 9 am and 4 – 6 pm. No moves shall be initiated which cannot be reasonably completed before 7 am or 4 pm respectively, Monday through Friday. Additionally no southbound moves shall be made on Vasco Road between 6-7 am and no northbound moves shall be made on Vasco Road between 3-4 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Livermore Police must be notified 24 hours prior to the move.
  • Special services required by unusually large or heavy loads needing engineering investigations or other services, will be billed separately.
  • The cost of all services rendered by the Livermore Police Department as a result of any omissions or commissions on the part of the permit holder during a move shall be borne by that permit holder.
  • This permit is void under the following conditions: a. If any portion, part or section is illegible. b. If it is not signed by an authorized representative of the City of Livermore. c. If any portion, part or section has been altered or if an attempt to alter is apparent. d. If it is presented without the attachments affixed that are specifically named and required upon the face of the permit.
  • Permit applied for and obtained via facsimile must be legible. Legibility is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • No permit will be issued without receipt of the approved permit fee.
  • Verification: The use of this permit is prima facia evidence that the driver has checked the load and/or vehicle and knows it to be within the limits as set forth hereon and has verified the routing accuracy. The vehicle and/or load authorized under this permit is subject to inspection by representatives of the Livermore Police Department.
  • Warning Signs and Flags: all loads/vehicles over 8′-6″ in width, 80 feet in length or more than 10 feet of overhang shall display warning signs. Signs shall be posted on the front and rear of the vehicle or on the front of the lead vehicle and the rear of the back trailer with multi-vehicle combinations. Signs shall have letters on yellow background and comply with Section 502.9 of the State of California, Department of Transportation “Transportation Permit Manual”. Flags shall comply with Section 25104 of the CVC.

For Single Trip Permit Application see
City of Livermore official website

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