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Norfolk Virginia Oversize Permits & Escort Information


Note: For state regulations, see Virginia OD Regulations

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

A Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) moving and Hauling permit is valid for travel on I-64, I-264, and I-564. Also, no city permit is required for that portion of Northampton Blvd. between I-64 and Va. Beach city line or vice versa.

A local moving and hauling permit is required for all travel within the City of Norfolk not covered above and when any vehicle or combination of vehicles exceeds any of the following dimensions:

  • Gross Weight – 80,000 pounds;
  • Height – 13 feet, 6 inches;
  • Length – 40 foot vehicle alone; 65 foot Tractor semi-trailer combination including load; 60 foot Combination of a towing vehicle and any manufactured housing including load and coupling;
  • Width – all vehicles over 8 feet, 6 inches excluding mirrors.

In addition, any vehicle which exceeds the maximum axle weights allowed for single and tandem axles must obtain a local moving and hauling permit although the gross weight the vehicle may be less than 80,000 pounds as specified above.

The maximum axle weights allowed without a permit are as follows:

  • Maximum Single Axle Weight – 20,000 pounds;
  • Maximum Tandem Axle Weight – 34,000 pounds;

Specifically, the vehicles listed below must obtain local moving and hauling permits under this restriction:

  1. Vehicles used exclusively for hauling solid waste;
  2. Concrete mixed-in-transit vehicles;
  3. Self-propelled truck cranes weighing 80,000 pounds or less and under 10 feet wide.

Fire-fighting equipment is exempt from size limitations and does not require a moving and hauling permit.

Single Trip Permit

A single trip permit is issued for a one time move of an overdimensional/overweight vehicle within the City of Norfolk. All axle weights not to exceed maximum weight allowed by permit based on axle spacing, Chart 2, provided at Appendix F of this manual or matching VDOT Oversize or Overweight permit.

Requests for single trip permits should be made at least 48 hours (not including Saturday and Sunday) prior to the anticipated date of movement. A single trip permit is issued to cover “one movement between two specific points within a 5 working day period”. Return trips will be covered under the same permit requested on the application. The permit duration can be extended up to a 13-day period after a careful engineering review. An addition fee will be charged for return trips extending beyond the 5 day period.

If vehicle configuration exceeds any of the parameters listed below, permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis after an appropriate engineering review has been completed to ensure the applicant’s vehicle configuration will not damage bridges and structure on the designed route travel:

  • Height – 15 feet;
  • Width – 14 feet;
  • Length – 100 feet;
  • Gross Weight – 130,000 pounds.

For extreme weights, field verification may be required to determine if item can be reasonably reduced. Possible engineering evaluation of the route may also be required for extreme weights. For extreme height or width, a Vertical/Horizontal Clearance certification statement statement must be filled out with the application (Appendix C).

Most permits will be processed within 2 working days of application. Extremely overdimensional/overweight moves may take up to 30 days to process.

The permit will specify days and times of travel and items to be reduced. Extremely overdimensional/overweight moves will usually be scheduled to move early Sunday mornings (House moves etc.). Request for movement at any other time shall be stated on application and is subject to approval by the Permit Supervisor.

For Permit Conditions and Requirements and Primary Routes see

Below is a list of the cities and where to find their updated permits

The following pages provide links to the city's general guidelines for oversize permits and escorts for over dimensional/heavy haul shipping. City regulations are subject to change. If you find something incorrect let us know and we will verify and update the page accordingly.

Click on the cities below for links to the city's guidelines for permitting oversize loads and escorts for over dimensional / heavy haul shipping. These regulations are subject to change for each state. If something doesn't look correct, give us a shout and let us know so we can property update the page.

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