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Moving heavy machinery is no joke. Transportation of sensitive and expensive equipment such as an MRI machine can be frustrating, especially if it is carried out by inexperienced personnel. Transportation of an MRI machine or any other heavy piece of machinery requires careful consideration of all possible challenges. Remember, one minor oversight and things can go from bad to worse in a blink of an eye. If you want your equipment and personnel to be safe, it is recommended that you plan every step of the process.


It is significantly important that you check the hauling capacity of the trailer or truck before transporting the Mobile MRI machines across the country. Also, you need to check the condition of lights, weight capacity, lights and brake system. In short, the transportation of sensitive and sophisticated MRI scanners cross-country requires exceptional attention to detail.

Transporting a Mobile MRI – Not A Cakewalk

So, you’ve decided to move your MRI machine, that’s fine. We want you to know everything there is regarding how to smoothly transport an MRI machine cross country and make better decisions. Here are some of the dangers involved in handling a Mobile MRI machine.

Danger to Yourself

An MRI machine has a very powerful magnet, which if not shield properly, can cause severe health-related injuries. If your fingers every got between the magnetic field of the MRI machine, there is no question that you will literally lose your fingers. Therefore, it is advised that the process is always carried out by a team of experienced individuals.

Danger to Equipment

As mentioned earlier, the magnets in an MRI machine are too powerful to handle. These magnets can not only erase data but can also malfunction electronic equipment in nearby proximity. Any experienced MRI engineer would make sure that the MRI machine is kept in isolation and moved at a safe distance from other sensitive equipment while being loaded or removed from the shipping container.

Danger to Unsuspecting Public

It would be highly unfortunate if the permanent magnet interfered with the pacemaker of an innocent bystander. The magnetic field inside the MRI machine is very powerful, and it affects the effects of every electronic machinery nearby. It is important that the routes selected for the transportation of an MRI machine are carefully considered and the magnet is properly protected.

Given such hazards involved, you might be wondering how to protect yourself and others during the transportation and removal of an MRI machine? Well, your best option is to have a custom-made steel-lined wooden crate or a transport box that can help to eliminate or reduce the possibility of the magnet affecting anything within its range.

Things to consider!

There are three important things that you need to consider before you start preparing before transporting heavy machinery, such as a Mobile MRI machine. One is performing a thorough risk assessment. Two is making sure that everyone in the personnel is wearing safety gear. Last but not least, inspecting the transportation trailer’s capacity.

  • Risk assessment is important is a routine process carried out to get a detailed idea of the whole fleet management process and how it can be improved further. Usually, risk assessment is carried out under the supervision of a senior manager.
  • Many transportation companies often overlook the significance of their team wearing suitable gear during the transportation of heavy machinery. Such negligence can dearly cost the workers and the company.
  • Finally, it is your responsibility to ensure that the hauling company has the right capacity to carry out the task. It is recommended that you do not rush your decisions and thoroughly check out the vehicle in which the transportation will take place.

It is also recommended that the machinery is transported cross country according to the state regulations. For instance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety has published guidelines on how heavy machinery should be transported. You must check, in fact, double-check if the MRI machine is secured properly on the trailer. Remember, you are not only responsible for the safety of your equipment but also other people as well.

Hiring the right Third-Party Logistics Company

Moving an MRI machine is a complicated process, more than what most people actually realize. To carefully handle the transportation of an MRI machine or any other sensitive, delicate machinery, requires trained experts. The process is often outsourced to third-party logistics (3PL) company, equipped with the right transportation vehicles and industrial equipment required for the process.

An MRI machine is enormous and often weighs in more than 11 tons. Therefore, it is important that you undertake the services of a company that is not only experienced in hauling heavy machinery but also capable of handling every aspect of the process, from start to finish. Here is how we do things at Titan Worldwide Logistics:

Compliance with Regulations

If you don’t want to break any transportation laws or regulations, then it is recommended that you get rid of all the unnecessary weight of the trailer. It may seem like a good idea to transport all the equipment all at once, but take it from us, transporting them separately is more comfortable and cheaper.

Preparing Your Mobile MRI Transport

Think carefully about the potential problems that can potentially take place before the MRI machine is loaded on the trailer. Are there parts that might break during the loading process? If that is the case, we recommend removing them and bubble wrapping them for extra protection. Here are a few things you can do in order to prepare your machine for hauling:

  • Latching the doors properly that might flap or open during the process.
  • Disconnect the battery to ensure the machine works properly when the destination is reached
  • Clean or wash the machine properly. Most companies don’t even consider this important, but a piece of clean equipment makes it easier to identify if something is not right.

Planning the Route

Once all the legal formalities have been taken care of, it is time to plan your route. Given how sensitive an MRI machine can be, it is only obvious that the route chosen for its transportation is carefully considered. For instance, choosing a road with several bumps can cause significant damage to the equipment. We believe the best time to transport heavy machinery is during non-rush hours when there is minimal traffic. We also keep track of the weather and see if there is any chance of heavy rainfall which may cause the driver problems along the way.

It is completely understandable if all of this is overwhelming for you. We understand there are so many things to consider while transporting an MRI machine, and that is why it is recommended you hire someone to take that burden off your shoulders. If you have any concerns or queries regarding the process, feel free to call us. It is always a good thing to have all the information you might need before the transportation takes place.

Securely Attaching the Machine on the Trailer

Ok, so it may sound like obvious advice and yes, it is but given the high rate of accidents and injuries that take place, it needs to be repeated. Double-checking if the MRI machine is properly loaded in the trailer should be your top priority.

Experienced Drivers

We cannot emphasize enough how complex transporting an MRI machine can be. For the successful transportation of your expensive equipment, you need a driver that has years of experience in the transport business. Knows how to load equipment, familiar with all the right routes and what can damage the equipment.

At Titan Worldwide Logistics, safeguarding your assets is our top priority. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your valuable equipment is transported safely and efficiently. We offer services such as 3D lift planning, equipment removal, equipment transportation, and equipment placement. Hauling industrial level machinery can be a difficult task and but moving an MRI machine or any other large and heavy equipment and transporting them at long-distances requires expertise that only we can provide.

Solutions to All Your Transportation Problems

Making the right choice for your MRI machine transport requires extensive research and careful analysis. It is only obvious that you are sharing a massive responsibility with your 3PL company, and therefore, they need to prove themselves.

As mentioned earlier, the slightest of mistakes can create a ripple effect on other operations aspects, and we don’t want that for any of our clients. MRI machine is a highly expensive and sensitive piece of machinery and even the slightest mistakes can cost you millions.

Other than the checklist we mentioned above, you can also do background checks, talk to our previous client, whatever brings peace to your heart, be sure to do that. There is nothing else we want other than your trust and confidence in our services. We can also provide you with the physical examinations, DOT drug tests, copy of licenses, and endorsements you name it.

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