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Transportation of heavy construction machinery is no easy task. The process not only needs to be safe but also legal. Handling a massive and expensive piece of equipment like heavy duty caterpillar forklift transport can be a severe pain in the ass. A Caterpillar Forklift is, without a doubt, one of the massive pieces of machinery ever built by humans. To transport such monstrosity, you need to have the right transportation vehicles, a loading set, experienced personnel, and the best protocols in place.

What are some of the key characteristics you would want in your ideal heavy duty caterpillar forklift movers? A company that can help you save time and money has the capability to make complex stuff easy, capable of making intelligent and informed decisions, and the most important trust. With that out of the way, let’s get on with some of the basic guidelines for transporting a Caterpillar Forklift successfully.

Guidelines for A Heavy Duty Caterpillar Forklift Transport

Here we have for you a set of guidelines for hauling a Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Forklift or any other construction equipment safely.

Preparation is the key

Ok, so unless you are a superhuman who can lift heavy objects like paper, we recommend planning a bit before attempting to transport a Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Forklift. More than half of the injuries take place during the stage of loading and unloading the equipment. If you don’t take the required safety measures, not only are you putting the equipment at risk but also the lives of your crew as well.

We like to believe that you started the company to earn profits rather than suffer losses – right? So, remember, unless you have a crap ton of money to burn, preparation is your key to earn some cash.

Documented Risk Assessment

A heavy duty caterpillar forklift transport can easily become a huge liability. Construction companies often take this process for granted, as if they are invincible or something. Researches suggest that risk assessments are mandatory, preemptive compliance documents that allow you to prove how thorough and detailed the process of fleet management processes are.

Your best bet is to have a subtle transportation preparation protocol in place. Any supervisor or manager can do the job. All they have to do is create a complete transportation and operation timeline for the entire process. The documents will also contain project risks prioritized on their chances of taking place.

Gearing up Appropriately

We cannot emphasize enough on this – safety is the backbone here. Make sure that the crew involved in the process of loading and unloading the equipment is wearing the right outfit for the task. These are basic safety protocols that you need to follow, no matter what. The protocol is practiced all across the nation within the construction industry.

Wearing appropriate outfit during the loading and unloading process should be a routine. If overlooked, it can cause significant safety hazards for the entire personnel. There have been many instances in the past where the cargo is chained up poorly, and tasks are carried out in a hurry.

You need to have a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) documentation as your key risk-mitigation strategy. This is a strong risk assessment protocol that needs to be made mandatory for getting an application permit.

Inspect the Hauling Capacities

When preparing the Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Forklift transportation, you need to make sure whether the trailer has sufficient capacity to transfer something so huge. Here are a few things that you need to check before you move on with transportation.

  1. Tires: You must check the condition of the vehicle’s tires, especially its pressure. Multi-ton machines such as Heavy-Duty Caterpillar forklift movers can often put immense pressure on the wheels allowing them to deflate quickly if already weak.
  2. Lights: Check lights on both sides, front and back, and make sure that they work without any hitch.
  3. Brakes: Just like the tires, in case the load is too much, which it is, brakes can get impacted, and vehicle ability can get compromised. It is essential that you check if the components and functions of the brakes are working appropriately.
  4. Tie-Down Points: You need to check the required point number of the load, the spacing, and the securement condition. The majority of the states in the United States have their own standards, for tying down the trailer.
  5. Weight: Make sure you confirm your tie-down limits for working load, adding up to equal at least half of the load’s weight.

How to load a Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Forklift?

A load can only be as strong as its weakest link. All the weak links that often cause severe damage to the equipment during the loading procedure take place because the protocols were rushed and carried out half-heartedly.

Transportation of heavy equipment such as Heavy-Duty Caterpillar Forklift requires more than just driving the equipment up the ramp, binding it with chains, and then send it off. There are many other factors and elements that you need to consider to ensure the reliable and legal transportation of the machinery. Here are some of the important security measures that you need to take.

  1. Designating Duties:

Before the loading process begins, you need to make sure that everyone involved in the process understands their role and its importance. For instance, you need someone who can drive the machine on to the deck, spotter who can provide hand signals and give the driver directions, etc. When everyone understands their role, the process is divided into smaller and comparatively easier tasks, ensuring a smooth operation taking place.

This also adds a level of accountability to the whole equation. There are times when the personnel start blaming each other, and identifying the responsible person becomes impossible.

  • Cleaning the Trailer and the Ramp

Keeping the ramp and the trailer properly is essential for the loading process. Everything should be debris, oil, and dirt-free, especially if you are working with metal. This ensures that there is enough traction on the ramp to load the forklift up easily.

A clean trailer and ramp bed also mean that it needs to be clear of water, snow, and ice. If you still are concerned about equipment moving up the ramp smoothly, they consider having frictionless devices for the ramp.

  • Begin the Ramp/Machine Line-up

 Slow and steady is all you need to be. Your driver is in the cab, and having a spotter in plain view, now begin driving the Caterpillar Forklift up the ramp and then onto the deck of the transportation vehicle.

Do note that during the movement on the ramp, there will be a shift in the machine’s center of gravity. This is perhaps the most dangerous stage in the loading process. Your best bet is to move steadily and gradually.

  • Chaining Down Heavy Equipment

There are state laws that provide specific guidelines on how to secure heavy equipment, especially during transportation on the public highway. Every state has additional regulations and restrictions on transporting oversized cargo.

One of the most critical stages of any transportation process is tying down the cargo, and securing a Caterpillar Forklift for the forklift moving company is not an easy task at all. For chaining down heavy equipment, there are three dominant concerns:

Properly Located Tied Down Points: The majority of the manufacturers label the appropriate points for tying down on the machines that need to be followed. You need to be especially careful if these land near the hydraulic hoses, cylinders, and brake components. Tying down equipment properly can ensure that your equipment stays damage-free.

Tightly Securing with chains: Make sure that there is no space, wiggle, or lose points in the chain. It’s not good for the equipment bounces or shifts during transportation.

Hook Binder Grades and Matched Chain: If you pay close attention, you will see that after every 4 or 5 down points, there will be a number etched in the metal. If you cross-reference that number with the one mentioned on the handle of the boomer, see if they are aligned. Make sure that the grade of the chain and the load limit doesn’t exceed the limit mentioned on the boomer.

Choose the Right Heavy Duty Caterpillar Forklift Transport Service

Whether you are shipping, hauling, moving, transporting, or moving, you need a company you can trust, someone who has years of experience in handling such complex tasks. We at Titan Worldwide Logistics make sure that your Caterpillar Forklift is transported to your desired destination on time safely.

We fully understand how important a Caterpillar Forklift is within the construction industry and how important punctuality is for your business. Shipping a Caterpillar Forklift requires the right team that follows all the safety protocols. We have a team of individuals who are experienced along with seasoned drivers who make sure that the quality of your shipment never gets compromised.

Careful analysis of the right hauling services is an essential element for Heavy Duty Caterpillar Forklift Transport. There are several hauling services in the market that make plenty of promises. However, you should always choose the one with experienced personnel and a long list of satisfied clientele. A Heavy Duty Caterpillar Forklift is an expensive piece of machinery; even the slightest damage can cost you millions.

Outsourcing your services to the right third-party company is just like finding the perfect mate for yourself. Think for a second, there is money involved, liabilities are shared, and it only takes a silly mistake to start a fight.

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