Heavy Hauling: 5 Tips For Success

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Managing a business may seem like a daunting task, especially if your business type requires you to transport goods in bulk from one location to the next.

Transporting freight is a difficult task not only because heavy hauling requires expertise and experience to be done successfully, but also because a lot is at stack (did you see what we did there!).

As a business owner, your goal is to get your freight moved in a way that is safe and reliable. At no cost can you afford any kind of damage or mishap to your deliverables.

After all, you need to ensure that your products remain in their best state because your service, level of customer satisfaction and business reputation depends on it.

Managing Specialized Transport on Your Own is Not the Best Idea

Some heavy hauling companies have their own fleet of trucks for moving load and freight, but that can prove to be quite expensive. It is no surprise why.

Handling this task requires you to buy the trucks, maintain them, get licenses and approvals and hire specialized staff for the operations. If that wasn’t enough, you also need to invest time and money into designing different logistic routes, ensuring the process is smooth and meeting deadlines.

All of this can easily feel like a huge hassle. Not to mention expensive for heavy hauling companies, as well.

So, the solution to this problem is – you guessed it – to hire a logistics company. Third-party logistics can take the burden off the shoulders by providing you with a range of freight services and logistic solutions like heavy hauling, international shipping, automobile shipping and full or less than full truckload cargo.

You can easily manage your daily freight or solve unique and complicated logistics problems with a reliable logistics company, such as Titan Worldwide.

Third-Party Logistics – The Solution to the Problem

Third-party logistics, also called 3PL, refers to the practice of an organization that revolves around outsourcing part of or all of its distribution, inventory management, and order fulfilling operations to a third party.

Research shows that international and domestic transportation of goods tops the list of the most common outsourced services in the US, with warehousing being on number two.

Industries that manufacture goods that have to be transported are the largest users of 3PL services, with technology and automotive industries topping the list. Clearly, this service holds great value for businesses around the globe.

Now, the difficult part.

There are several logistics and heavy hauling companies in our country, and selecting the one which is best for your needs is the real challenge.

Sure, you can enter a few words and click some links on a search engine to find good options, but the difficult part is to narrow down your the choices to reach the right one.

However, there’s no need to worry because we have used our experience and research to make it easy for you to make the right decision.

There are several things that you need to be mindful of before you jump on the bandwagon and select a heavy hauling company for your business. After all, we are speaking business here, aren’t we?

Five Things You Need to Consider Before You Select a Heavy Hauling Company

Are you an experienced corporate member or an integral project manager, or a newbie in the world of specialized transport?

Before you hire the services of a 3PL company, use our quick list of the five most important things that you need to consider. Here we go!

1.      The Bait and Switch Drama

This is an age-old trick that you may find several heavy haul companies use. Not familiar with it? Let us explain.

So, you shortlisted a few good heavy hauling companies and then selected one that promised you an amazing rate for your particular project.

You become happy thinking that you have finally struck a good deal until right before you start conducting business with that company, they switch your service option at the eleventh hour because they mysteriously became “unavailable.”

Did you see what happened there? This is what is called bait and switch. To avoid falling in this trap, make sure that you receive a clear and exact breakdown of the services and the prices.

The two top priority questions that you should ask are (1) What exactly am I getting and (2) How much exactly does it cost.

Remember, whatever you agree with should be precisely mentioned on paper – never rely on commitments made over the phone or your inbox. Here’s an insider-tip: always download the agreement document onto your advice.

2.      Door to Door Service

The worst thing that can happen when you hire a heavy hauling company is that your shipment gets stuck halfway.

This is why before you hire a company, you should ensure that it provides door to door service.

What this means is that the company will be responsible for expediting your shipment to the location of your choice. Particularly for heavy equipment hauling, door to door service is ideal because it helps you avoid endless logistics hassle and hidden costs. It is also designed to provide streamlined transportation.

The best thing is that you won’t need to make logistics calls and worry endlessly. Heavy hauling companies that offer door to door transport coordinate your entire shipment on their own.

There’s another advantage of door to door shipping – it saves you from hidden costs that are involved in standard shipping, including import taxes and customs fees.

3.      Insurance

Have you ever had to cancel your order for a specialized transport service because it turned out that your shipment wasn’t covered?

We know the pain.

Without reliable heavy hauling insurance, you won’t get the peace of mind that you deserve. Accidents are always a possibility, and you don’t want to end up cleaning the mess.

Make sure that you ask all the questions you need to ask to find out the types of insurance options that are applicable to your order.

The bottom line?

The deal’s off if your prospective logistics company cannot provide you the coverage that you need. Better safe than sorry!

4.      The Backup Plan

All’s good until you find yourself stuck in a problem. At this point, what you need above everything else is a good backup plan.

Make sure that the company of your choice offers backup plan services. If not, continue searching for those who do.

Why should you worry about plan B, you ask? Well, if things get messy, you may be forced to become desperate to save your butt. You may have to go through the stress of ordering emergency transportation provisions. Not only will this cost you too many extra dollars but such services are sometimes not even available.

So, it is smart to make sure that when the going gets tough, you will have a backup plan to rely on. A competitive logistics company like Titan Logistics assigns you a dedicated account manager who is a knowledgeable expert. He or she can eagerly provide assistance with any change in logistics, complications, or other problems.

5.      The Payment Time

When you are hiring specialized transportation, be 100% sure that you know exactly when you are paying them.

Believe it or not, many disreputable heavy hauling companies can behave problematically with your heavy loads if you are not prepared to pay at a specific time or surprise you with hidden fees that suddenly appear just before processing. 

Some heavy hauling companies may ask you for money upfront. If that works for you, fine. Otherwise, make sure that you are fully aware of what you need to pay and when.

Here’s an insider tip: Negotiate the heavy hauling rates early on and get them cemented in writing so that you can hold your hauling company to them!

At Titan Logistics, you will only be expected to pay when you have gotten a pick scheduled. Convenient, isn’t it?

Heavy hauling is no child’s play, but Titan Logistics can handle it well. We understand that in this area, there’s no room for mistakes – it’s either make or break (don’t worry, we don’t break anything!)

Many ordinary believe that heavy hauling is just moving a load from one point to another. However, those who are smart understand that it is much more than that.

Even a single load trucking may involve a range of things that including the transport, safety arrangements, pick up and drop of locations, and more. And then there’s the documentation, compliance, and insurance.

It is easy to overlook the hard work that goes on in the background for a successful heavy hauling or logistic process to happen. However, business owners should realize that it is not magically managed by supernatural creatures – real, dedicated, and responsible individuals work round the clock to make it happen.

Make the Right Choice

It is important to carefully analyze a heavy hauling company before you hire one. After all, you want to share a big responsibility with them, and they must prove their worth.

Remember, a tiny mistake here could result in your company losing millions. No, we are not kidding! One wrong step can lead to another, which could lead to several more.

You know how life sometimes gives you lemons? Well, here, the domino effect can result in truckloads of lemons for you (which is only good if you have an agricultural business!).

Apart from using the checklist mentioned above, you can also look for integrity, reliability, and trust. There are several ways of doing this. For example, you can ask whether the drivers that the company has hired have had DOT drug testing, previous checkup, DOT physical examinations, proper endorsements and licenses, as well as proper training and experience.

Let Us Handle Your Logistics

At Titan Worldwide Logistics, our logistics experts are committed to provide you the best services, resolve each of your concerns, and respond to service queries.

TWW offers several services such as international shipping and heavy hauling trucking. We can ship your loads anywhere in the world, and particularly in United States, Mexico and Canada.

Our team only works with insured heavy hauling carriers and are careful about all of the licenses, permits, and escort vehicle management.

We take the stress and worry away from you and make sure that your freight is transported efficiently and successfully.

Author: Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme is a seasoned marketing expert with a focus on the supply chain, logistics, and heavy machinery transportation sectors. He serves as the Senior Director of Marketing at Titan Worldwide, where he manages the company's content marketing strategy and lead generation. You can connect with Justin via his email.
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