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AHOY!… Need to ship your excavator? We can transport excavator port-to-port nationwide. It doesn’t matter if you have a wheeled, crawler, or a compact excavator, we have the technology and human resources to transport excavators of all sizes.

For international excavator transport and transportation of other goods from port-to-port, different types of vehicles are required. You need the right loading machinery, a trailer onto which you can secure the equipment and personnel that can work well together like a well-oiled machine. Depending on the type of machinery that needs to be transported, you need machinery made for this specific purpose. Handling the transportation of heavy equipment is a challenge that should only be handled by companies that have the professionals skills and knowledge required for the task.

Port-to-Port equipment shipping, more importantly international excavator transport, is one of the most difficult forms of transportation, ask anyone. Not only does it involve several steps, but it also comes with a lot of liabilities. Every single step in transportation needs to be carefully executed and shouldn’t be overlooked. Using sound-hauling practices like using the right transport vehicles, proper loading, position, securing the equipment correctly can help minimize the loading challenges and maximize productivity.

Challenges of International Shipping

Shipping construction equipment can be a highly complex, complicated, and daunting task to perform. Not only does it require a heck lot of experience, but you also need to have the right tools and gear to carry out the job successfully. Hauling construction equipment such as an excavator has its complexities as it demands attention to detail, proper handling, delivering, and transporting of the equipment.

One of the most commonly faced challenges in the transportation and shipping of heavy machinery is managing the entire process from loading to delivery. Professionalism is the key here. You need a workforce that is trained specifically for this task and has the right amount of experience in handling such situations.

Excavators and other digging equipment are often bulky, large, and extremely heavy. Shipping them across the border can be a nightmare as they cannot be inserted in the shipping container for freight forwarding. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to make sure the excavator reaches its destination in a timely manner without any scratches on the paintwork.

Depending on the weight and dimensions of the equipment, you can decide the most appropriate method for your international excavator transport. One of the most commonly used methods of shipping excavator is the RoRo method. Using the RoRo method, your excavator can be driven straight inside the vessel. The excavator enters the boat using a ramp and is secured properly with chains before moving on with the transportation.

Besides, if the equipment is not secured properly, it can cause some serious damage to the parts such as the motors and functionality. So, if you want your equipment shipped across borders, there are so many things for you to consider. Transportation of heavy equipment requires attention to detail. You need to fulfill all the key requirements, such as permits, safety protocols, etc.

Depending on the type of machinery that needs transportation, you need specialized solutions such as decks, prefabricated modules, power transformers, and more. Choosing the right hauling company with skilled personnel and modern equipment can ensure the safe arrival of machinery.

Another challenge countered by companies while transporting heavy equipment is choosing the right type of hauling trailer for the job. There is more than one type of hauler that can be used in the process. It is recommended that the chosen trailer must have enough space for the excavator. Depending on the type of machinery being transported, companies usually prefer one of the two types of trailers, a closed trailer or a flatbed trailer.

Things to consider for Port-to-Port Transportation

So here is a shortlist for you, like a small checklist that you should consider going through before moving on with shipping an excavator.

  • Finding the right hauling services

We cannot emphasize enough on how important this is. Every other hauling service in the United States will claim to be the best, but it is your responsibility to see if they truly are. For instance, talk to some of their previous clients, talk to their hauling specialists, share your concerns with you.

Take it from us; this is the best thing you can do. Ask the carrier all the right questions and see if they have carried out a similar task in the past. NEVER choose a carrier that doesn’t have experienced personnel.

  • Best Rates

Even if you find the best hauling service, price is still going to be a major issue. As a business owner, your job is to use your money efficiently and not to go overboard with the spending limit. Compare prices of some of your preferred shortlisted hauling companies and then make the decision.

  • Constant Update/Availability

This can make your decision making very easy. See, if the service providers are available to address your concerns and queries 24×7. If not, then they are not reliable enough. Hauling services share a major responsibility with you, handling some of the most expensive equipment. Keeping you updated on the delivery status should be a priority for them.

  • Insurance

So, this is perhaps the last thing that comes to your mind while most even take it for granted. No matter how good the hauling services may be, you need insurance, and that goes without saying. But, not just any insurance, you need insurance that can cover almost everything that could potentially take place. Other than that, make sure whatever insurance that you got, you know its ins and outs.

Excavator Shipping Services at Titan Worldwide

So, you want your excavator shipped? Whether it’s a big one or a small mini-excavator, size does matter here as it dictates other aspects of the transportations as well. The complexity, size, and weight of the excavator dictate what kind of shipping equipment will be required for the transportation to take place. If you have a heavy excavator, you need an expert loading protocol along with a step-deck trailer.

Shipping excavators port-to-port is one of the major services that we at Titan Worldwide offer our clients. When it comes to excavator shipping, port-to-port shipping the most preferred option because it offers convenience to the client to drop and pick the shipment. If you want to save money, port-to-port shipping is the one to go for.

Reasonable Shipping Cost

Cost is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of shipping a heavy cargo like an industry level excavator. Long-distance transportation can be a little more expensive than you would expect.

At Titan Worldwide, we have the right people and shipping equipment that ensure the safe transportation of your assets and equipment, on-time, safely, and at the right price. Whether you want all your equipment shipped altogether or piece by piece, we can do it all. Our job is to make the shipping procedure as easy and convenient as possible for you, including port-to-port delivery.

Here are some of the factors that affect the price:

  • Dimensions (length, size, etc.)
  • Weight
  • Whether the excavator is functional before the shipping
  • Model of the excavator

Experienced with Efficiency

Excavator and other important equipment must be at the designated site before the procedure of shipping can begin. When the contract is in order, Titan Worldwide ensures that your equipment reaches the destination without any damage.

Our logistics experts will ensure all the paperwork is in order before the equipment is transported, so you aren’t left uninformed in any way. Even if you have a heavy excavator, no worries, we can handle that too.

Safety First

An excavator is not a cheap piece of machinery; even the slightest damage can cost you millions. Not only that, if your machine is broken, your project might as well suffer significant delays, and eventually, you would lose business opportunities.

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment, there two challenges that would normally take place, the client is not happy without safety protocols and the overall transportation service. However, Titan Worldwide has some of the most advanced techs in the industry, ensuring all the world is carried out flawlessly and zero delays.

Trust is Key

It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced your equipment may be, or how experienced your personnel is if the client doesn’t trust you. Trust is the biggest tool used by companies to earn more clients and improve their image in the market. So, how exactly can you increase your client’s trust?

Answer this question, can you carry a heavy-duty tractor on a small-sized truck? NO! Similarly, the client also needs to know that you have the tools and vehicles to transport a monstrosity like an excavator. If possible, giving them a free site visit can help them gain confidence in your services.

In short, the client needs to know the business is carried out with the right people, the rates are affordable, and the service is reliable. At Titan Worldwide, the trust of our customers means everything to us and will not shy away from going the extra mile.

Easy as you like

Transportation of heavy equipment is not like transporting an ordinary vehicle. The machinery used in this process needs to be up to the mark. The shipping and transportation services offered by us are far better than ever. Nonetheless, the transportation of heavy machinery and international excavator transport is like a ball game. You simply can’t go with any other transportation service for your excavator shipping. Titan Worldwide is a leading service when it comes to the transportation of heavy equipment. We are well equipped with handling this task adequately.

Looking to Ship your Excavators Internationally?

Titan Worldwide is one of the most reputable and comprehensive heavy equipment transportation (or international excavator transport) companies in the United States. We take pride in being the best, meeting deadlines and delivering large equipment to even the most distant and remote locations.

Time is Money – and we respect yours. We make sure that your excavator delivery takes place under constant surveillance. We only hire contractors with the most certified, bonded, and licensed drivers. Choose Titan Worldwide for your international excavator transport. Give us a call, talk to one of our expert logistics managers, share your concerns, and see for yourself what a professional equipment transporter can do.

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