Arizona Manufactured Home Transport Regulations

Laws On Moving Oversize Manufactured Buildings by State


Class C Permit Procedures

The average time frame to issue a Class C Permit is 48 hours from the date and time the request is received (excluding evenings, weekends and state holidays). To check if the status of your application, you may login to your ADOT ePRO account or call Class C Permits at 602.712.8280 or 8176.

The Class C Permit fee is $30 for loads no greater than 18 feet in height and width and 80,000 pounds. Loads over 80,000 pounds are $90. Loads greater than 18 feet in height and width, but not over 80,000 pounds, are $40. Loads greater than 18 feet in height and width and 80,000 pounds are $100.

Class C Permits are valid for four working days. Class C Permit extensions over the four working day allowance can only occur due to inclement weather or equipment breakdown situations (see Arizona Administrative Code R17-6-106).

Class C Permits are valid on state and interstate highways only. Transporters must check with local jurisdictions for authorisation to travel on roadways that are not under ADOT jurisdiction.

When submitting an application, please include a note in the comment field on the ADOT ePRO payment screen if requesting 3 a.m. or weekend movement for loads up to 16 feet wide and 16 feet high. The entire route must be designated for night movement, weekend movement or both (see Arizona Administrative Code R17-6-405 A and B and 406 A and B)

An engineering analysis fee of $125 per 50-mile increments will be charged for loads that do not meet Arizona Administrative Code R17-6-411, Tables 3.01 through 3.09. Prior to issuance of a permit, all analysis fees may be paid online or sent by check or money order payable to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Engineering analysis fees must be received by the Class C Permits Office prior to engineering analysis being performed. Loads that are over 250,000 lbs, over axle weight or in excess of the posted bridge weights are analysed by the ADOT Bridge Preservation Services. Engineering analysis may take up to two weeks. Certified weights are required. Failure to provide the correct weights may require a second analysis to be performed by the ADOT Bridge Preservation Services and will incur a new analysis fee.

“Easy” C Mobile Home Permit Procedure

The requirements for an “Easy” C Mobile Home Permit are similar to those for a regular Class C permit except that the “Easy” C permit does not require a bridge-engineering analysis and is issued only to vehicles that do not exceed all of the following weight and size dimensions:

  • 16 feet wide
  • 16 feet high
  • 120 feet in overall length (vehicle and load combination length)
  • 80,000 pounds combined gross vehicle weight rating
  • Within statutory axle group weight limits

“Easy” C Mobile Home Permits can be requested and issued through ADOT ePRO. “Easy” Class C Mobile Home Permits are only valid on ADOT roadways. Transporters must check with local jurisdictions for permission to travel on roadways that are not under ADOT jurisdiction.

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Below is a list of states and their oversize regulations

Click on the states below for links to the state's guidelines for hauling oversize manufactured building. These regulations are subject to change for each state. If something doesn't look correct, give us a shout and let us know so we can property update the page.


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