Role of Robots in the 3PL Industry

Role of Robots in the 3PL Industry

Robots in the 3PL industry? As (3PL) third-party logistics organizations turn to technology to improve their consumer service or gain efficiency, many of them are deploying automation and robotics. Automation and Robotics is replacing manual tasks, enabling competitive benefits, and improving productivity for these companies.

In today’s competitive 3PLs environment, by decreasing labor needs and (TCO) total cost of ownership, automation, and robotics converge to assist third-party logistics better customer services. In return, customers gain access to the knowledge of their products at the right time, in the right place, in an excellent condition – every time.

Robotics and Automations become Affordable

Earlier, robotics was constricted mainly to repeatable tasks, like manufacturing assembly. For instance, the automobile industry uses simple robots to select and sort parts that are based on part geometry, such as size, shape, color, marking, barcodes, and other features.

Over the past few decades, Robotics was used for long-term and high-volume installations. Many logistics automation projects had multi-year (ROI) return on investment prospects. They also need an incredible amount of volume to be justified.

Nowadays, logistics robotics, robots in the 3PL industry, and automation continue to prove that decent returns on investments are also achievable on smaller, in short, predictable volume. Simultaneously, the rapidly-developing pace of change and adoption of technological advancement, pushing third-party logistics more to invest in robotics and automation for their yards and warehouse.

Boost in Industry with Robots in the 3PL Industry

In the response of technological advancement, robotics and automation developers are evolving mobile robots, static robots, mobile carts, and other innovations. These robots in the 3PL industry advancements in technology can help human labor forces and work side-by-side to do a good job. It’s positively impacting third-party logistics.

Robotics is a cheaper alternative to full-time labor. With advancements, adoption of automation solutions  is much affordable than it was before. The broadness of flexible solutions is unprecedented. We have never seen a variety of robotics and automation innovations come quickly in the market. The scope of automation and robotics is incredible, including these designed for piece-picking, vendor-packing, packaging, moving pallets, re-packing and many more. All these activities can be controlled in an extremely automated environment. Investment in automation does not need any justification through acquiring large customers that place millions of shipments.

Robotics and automation speed up the growth of the logistics industry by its advance innovations. It also reduces the labor cost and enhances the customer service level in today’s market. Various third-party organizations begin to increase their ROIs on smaller, less predictable volume, such as Titan – with robots in the 3PL industry.

Author: Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme is a seasoned marketing expert with a focus on the supply chain, logistics, and heavy machinery transportation sectors. He serves as the Senior Director of Marketing at Titan Worldwide, where he manages the company's content marketing strategy and lead generation. You can connect with Justin via his email.
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