We provide truck drive away services including singles, decks, booms and specialty moves.

What is a drive away company service?

Drive away company services are used when the client needs a more cost-effective method of transporting their trucks from one location to the next, whether it be short or long distance. A driveaway service is often the quickest and cheapest method of moving a truck, so below are 3 reasons to use a drive away service.

1. Save money over freight shipping.  

If you are familiar with the trucking industry then you are probably quite encouraged about how the market is shifting in the right direction.  Although this turnaround is a pleasant surprise, recovery also equates to higher rates.  Good for transport companies, but more costly for shippers transporting freight.

When it comes to hauling trucks around there are still a lot of logistics companies that like to just put the units on lowboys or RGN trailers.  The price for hauling trucks is roughly $3.00 + per mile.  If the trucks are over-dimensional in any way, that rate surely increases and could go up to $5.00+ per mile (plus permits).

If your unit is drivable and roadworthy, using a drive away service is absolutely a no brainer.  The rates for using a drive away service are about half of the cost of putting the truck on a trailer.  For standard truck tractors, you are looking at around $1.50 per mile and for heavy units you are around $2.00 per mile (plus permits).

2. Cost efficiency with piggybacking.

Some driveaway companies are able to use a method of loading called “piggybacking.”  This method is when you can deck the units behind a primary truck and move 2,3 and even 4 at a time.  Now, if you have the need to move multiple units – this is a highly effective means of doing so, all while saving a ton.  For example, if you have 3 trucks that you need to move, by piggybacking them you are looking at around $3.00 per mile (plus the cost of a wrecker’s assistance).  The cost for you to do this for the 3 trucks is roughly similar to that of you moving 1 truck on a lowboy trailer.  Below is a sketch break down on a transport from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA which equates to approx a 1,600 mile treck.

Move the unit on a trailer:

  • 3 trips (x) 1,600 miles = 4,800 miles
  • 4,800 miles (x) $3.00 per mile = $14,400.00

Piggyback drive away:

  • 1 trip (x) 1,600 miles = 1,600 miles
  • 1,600 miles x $3.00 per mile = $4,800.00

Cost Savings: You would be saving about $9,600.00 by using the piggyback method. 

3. Capacity of drivers for fleets.

If you own or manage a fleet of trucks, you may want to mull around the concept of working with a drive away service too.  Fleets are often moved for a variety of reasons including: units to or from auction, terminal to terminal moves, abandoned units by drivers.

Our current market yields a need for busy drivers on productive loads that will garner positive revenue.  A drive away service allows you to focus more on your capacity to generate said revenue.  Assets just sitting around are not helpful to the cause and it makes the most economical sense to use a drive away service that can add value to your business.


FMSCA Guidance Q&A

Are the brakes on a vehicle towed in a driveaway-towaway operation or towed disabled vehicle required to be operable at all times?

Guidance: Section 393.48(c) provides an exception to the requirement that brakes be operable at all times. This exception covers disabled vehicles being towed and vehicles towed in a driveaway-towaway operation.

The driveaway-towaway exception in § 393.48(c) is contingent upon the conditions outlined in § 393.42(b)(2). Towed vehicles must have brakes as may be necessary to ensure compliance with the performance requirements of § 393.52. A motor vehicle towed by means of a tow-bar when any other vehicle is full-mounted on the towed vehicle, or any combination of motor vehicles utilizing 3 or more saddle-mounts, would not be covered under the exception found at § 393.48(c).

With regard to the disabled-vehicle provision of § 393.48(c)(1), the combination vehicle would have to meet the applicable performance requirements of § 393.52.

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Common Trucks to Drive Away

  • Class 6 & 8 Trucks
  • Cab & Chassis
  • Box Trucks
  • School Buses
  • Dump Trucks
  • Straight Trucks

Services Offered

  • Singles.  If you are moving just one truck and/or it can’t be decked, request our single truck service. We have an extensive network of CDL singles drivers.
  • Decks.  Moving several trucks at one time? Get the best value when you have multiple trucks to move. We can boom 2 trucks or move 2-ways, 3-ways and even 4-ways.
  • Specialty Moves. Moving unique equipment? We can move ambulances, fire trucks, buses and just about anything on the road.
  • Booms.  Moving complex trucks? This is a popular method to move single-axle trucks with shields or extra tall trucks that cannot be decked.
  • Port Delivery. We can move your trucks to any U.S. port for international moving.
  • Heavy Spec.  When moving Oil field trucks and other heavy spec trucks we have have you covered.

Professional Drivers

We invest the time, energy and money that is needed to recruit only qualified CDL drivers who are experienced and have clean driving records. All of our drivers have at least two years commercial driveaway experience, have a valid CDL CLASS A or B or CMV license, and have passed a criminal background check.


Heavy Haul

Power Only

Automobile Shipping


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Titan provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly successful supply chain.

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Some Types of Trucks We Transport

  • Cargo: lift gate, box, power unit and stake body
  • Vans/Buses: tour buses, school buses, emergency and RV’s
  • Utility: power trucks, bucket trucks and drill trucks
  • Road Maintenance: asphalt sprayers, plow waste and plow salt
  • Construction: bucket, railroad, crane, cement, dump, utility and tool trucks
  • Tanker: water, dairy, vacuum and hazmat
  • Wrecker: flatbed, wheel-lift, hook and chain
  • Refuse/Waste: rear loader, front loader, side loader and roll-off

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Titan Worldwide is a fully licensed, bonded and insured heavy equipment transport firm that operates in all 48 contiguous US states, Canada and Mexico.
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Titan Worldwide provides innovative logistics and heavy haul trucking solutions to corporations nationwide. Our services require us to operate within the guidelines of the United States Department of Transportation and retain the proper licensing to haul contract cargo along intrastate and interstate lines. As a company, Titan Worldwide operates with a Motor Carrier License number of 122020 and a DOT license number of 3174800. Not only do we require our drivers to carry enough cargo insurance to full cover the value of your cargo, we too carry a contingent cargo policy to layer up on the coverage.

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