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In order to transport hemp flower legally, you need to identify the difference between smokable hemp flower and marijuana.  They are both extremely identical in both smell and look.  That could be a difficult factor when you need to ship it.  When you have make the distinction between the two, make sure to have the proper documentation on hand to give to the driver.  We are frequently asked hemp flower transport questions below and give some insight as to how this all works.

How much can you fit into a truck?

When transporting hemp flower, you need to make sure that it is properly packaged.   The most common methods of packaging of hemp flower is boxes, totes, bags or a combination of all. The most efficient way to package hemp is to vacuum seal the flower and place it in large totes or bags.  Once you have your hemp flower ready for transport, you may wonder how much can fit in each truck.


There are 4 different options: sprinter vans, box trucks, dry van, and refrigerated vans.


Each specific truck has weight capacities but generally it is more about dimensions.


  • Sprinter Vans — capacity of 1000-1200 lbs. of hemp flower per shipment. These are 12′ long, 4′ wide, and about 5-6′ tall.
  • Box Trucks — capacity of 5000-6000 lbs. of hemp flower per shipment. Box trucks are typically 7.5-8′ wide, 8′ tall, and vary from 12-26′ long, depending on the clients needs.
  • Dry Vans and Refrigerated Trucks — the largest trucks we have and can hold up to 9,000-14,000 lbs. of hemp flower per shipment. Dry vans and refrigerated trucks are 8′ wide, 8′ tall, and range from 48-53′ long.

What is the best way to ship hemp flower based on mileage?

The most important information needed when starting a hemp transport quote is the quantity of hemp flower you are needing to ship.


In order to be the most cost efficient for you, our services would start at a minimum of 100 lbs. of hemp flower – with anything less being too inexpensive the value of the cargo is.


  • If you have less than 100 lbs. of hemp flower to transport, it might be best to look into shipping via UPS
  • Between 100-1200 lbs. of hemp flower, your cargo would have a value of around $12k USD and this is surely something that your wouldn’t want to risk when shipping via common carrier because of confiscation, etc.  A sprinter van service might be the best solution here since they are pretty cost effective and very secure.
  • As you get into the larger shipments of say, 1200-5000 lbs., you would want to book a box truck that is dedicated to your shipment.  The gates on the rear of these trucks are lockable and very safe.  For additional security measures, you can request that a tamper proof seal be installed so that you will know if anyone has opened the doors during transit.
  • For the largest shipments of 5000+ lbs., you will want a dry or refrigerated van.  These trailers are typically 53 feet in length and are pulled by a semi-truck.  These rigs are mostly used for hemp biomass but is more than capable of transporting massive quantities of hemp flower as well.  These too can have tamper proof seal be installed for added security.

The Titan Advantage

We are not always the cheapest and we are not always the most expensive – but you pay for what you get. What you get is quality customer service from a dedicated hemp transport account manager and the following other added benefits:


  • Dedicated Account Manager – FedEx and the other common carriers can never give you this kind of service, especially the type of service needed when shipping something so delicate in order to transport hemp flower.. How close are you with your transportation provider? Do they answer any/all your questions, even the tough ones?  All you have to do is tell your representative the size of your shipment and they will work on providing the most effective solution for your hemp flower shipment.
  • Cost Effectiveness – When it comes to shipping larger amounts of hemp hemp flower, we can cut costs and use strategic approaches within our network of drivers. If you have your license and COA handy, shipping should be simple.
  • Reliability – How often have you put your confidence in someone, and they let you down, frankly because they probably just didn’t really care enough to put forth the effort? Things change and we need to be able to adjust on the fly. There is always an “unknown” with a big company like UPS and an extreme time lag when there is a problem. We create special routings and driving schedules to ensure that we won’t run into problematic regulation areas. Our drivers understand exactly what they are hauling and how to handle any issues with law enforcement.
  • Insurance – So many companies in the transportation industry do not carry insurance specific to transport hemp flower.   If they claim to, get their insurance providers contact information and give them a ring.  They will be able to provide the policy to prove it or not.  Our organization carries an additional $100k umbrella policy, which is on top of the drivers cargo coverage.  In the event specific insurance is needed for shipments such as these, we can add on an all-risk rider.  This insurance can go all of the way up to $5M,


Long and short haul


High risk/high value


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