Shipping Live Hemp Plants

When you need to transport hemp plants, it can be quite an undertaking, especially if you are new to the hemp plant shipping game.  With all the preparation of the plants for the long journey and the specific documents you need in order to actually ship them.  Below are some common hemp plant shipping questions and information that you will need to know in order to be ready for D-Day.  The must haves are proper documentation, professional packaging (or if you are the do-it-yourself-er then you might want to watch some YouTube How-To vidoes for this) and a highly trained transportation provider who is going to get it from point A to B without a hitch.

How much can you fit into a truck?

There have been several different shipments and methods – some of which include shipping clones, mother plants, and seedlings.  The most common methods to transport live hemp plants tend to be loading wire racks full of plants or floor loading the mother hemp plants.  Once you have your hemp plants ready for transport you may wonder how much can fit in each truck.


There are 4 different options: sprinter vans, box trucks, dry van, and refrigerated vans.


Each specific truck has weight capacities but generally it is more about dimensions.


  • Sprinter Vans — Best for a small shipment of starters or clones. They are 12′ long, 4′ wide, and about 5-6′ tall.
  • Box Trucks — All box trucks are 7.5-8′ wide, 8′ tall, and vary from 12-26′ long depending on the clients needs.
  • Dry Vans and Refrigerated Trucks — largest trucks we have and are best for larger shipments of live mothers and large amounts of wire racks. All dry vans and refrigerated trucks are 8′ wide, 8′ tall, and 53′ long.

What is the best way to ship hemp plants based on mileage?

The most important information needed when starting a hemp transport quote is the type of hemp pant and how many there are being transported.


The drive time of the shipment makes a difference because hemp plants can start to wilt and die after 8 hours of being in the darkness. Some plants also require climate control.


0-8 Hours:  These shipments don’t have any special requirements. However, customers can request team drivers (non-stop driving) or a climate controlled truck.


8+ Hours:  Shipments that are over 8 hours generally requires team drivers and a climate controlled environment to prevent death of the plants.  Team drivers can generally cover up to 1000 miles per day so it is more viable when trying to reduce transit/darkness time.

The Titan Advantage

We are not always the cheapest and we are not always the most expensive – but you pay for what you get. What you get is quality customer service from a dedicated account manager and the following other added benefits:


  • Dedicated Account Manager – FedEx and the other common carriers can never give you this kind of service, especially the type of service needed when shipping something so delicate. How close are you with your transportation provider? Do they answer any/all your questions, even the tough ones?
  • Cost Effectiveness – When it comes to shipping larger amounts of hemp product, such as biomass, we can cut costs and use strategic approaches within our network of drivers. If you have your license and COA handy, shipping should be simple.
  • Reliability – How often have you put your confidence in someone, and they let you down, frankly because they probably just didn’t really care enough to put forth the effort? Things change and we need to be able to adjust on the fly. There is always an “unknown” with a big company like UPS and an extreme time lag when there is a problem. We create special routings and driving schedules to ensure that we won’t run into problematic regulation areas. Our drivers understand exactly what they are hauling and how to handle any issues with law enforcement.


Long and short haul


High risk/high value


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