Technology tips to Improve Warehousing for 3PL Industry

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Warehouse professionals in the 3PL industry have expertise in running operations efficiently. If warehouse operations are not efficient, then logistics companies don’t receive or ship inventory in scheduled time. Workers’ productivity gets minimized, and your company loses credibility and cost. Your organization can enhance warehouse operations with an accurate mix of best practices.

You can improve your warehouse operations through technology that will minimize the cost of labor and maximize the profit of your logistics company.

Use Advanced Shipping Notification for receiving process

Many 3PL industry logistics companies still have not adapted electronically transmitted ASN (Advanced Shipping Notifications). Responding to a regular receiving and shipping schedule can affect the efficiency of the distribution center. Delay and disruption will happen – it determines the deviation from a systematic schedule.  The initiation of these problems is inefficient staffing at the receiving dock, which creates problems at the warehouse. You can provide more certainty to your distribution centers by leveraging electronic advanced shipping notification (ASN) within a purchase order.

Radio-frequency Identification for the 3PL Industry

To improve the quality of the receiving process, many third-party logistics companies are adopting the technology of radio-frequency identification. Through this technology, you can easily track your material in a cost-effective manner. Through RIFD, your workers can also compare the invoices and order sheets to make sure the accuracy of every shipment as it is received on time.

Recognize your technology options

Many technologies are designed to enhance the warehousing efficiency that includes voice-activated, bar codes, pick-to-light, pick-to-label, and radio-frequency technologies. These technologies are innovating to increase the level of accuracy and picking productivity.

The 3PL industry integration of return processing modules into the current warehouse management system (WMS) allows an immediate inventory control, prompt picking from the returns area, quick inventory allocation, shipping dock from a cross-docking.

Implement voice-enabling technology in the 3PL Industry

To make this technology available for all different sized companies, some vendors minimize the cost of voice-enabled technology. From receiving to shipping and enhance productivity, this technology can apply to all kinds of processes and departments. Voice-enabling doesn’t require modification or IT with quick installation to your warehouse management system. This technology doesn’t require any kind of extensive training and boosts the ROI – within three to six months. Carefully choose your voice application as all are not created equal.

These technologies offer you a chance to become top warehousing professionals. Moreover, it will help you build expertise to warehouse safety and become a leading WMS provider. Titan is one of the best examples available for 3PL companies. It has incorporated seamless 3PL industry tech solutions and streamlined their operations such as warehousing and shipment.

Author: Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme is a seasoned marketing expert with a focus on the supply chain, logistics, and heavy machinery transportation sectors. He serves as the Senior Director of Marketing at Titan Worldwide, where he manages the company's content marketing strategy and lead generation. You can connect with Justin via his email.
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