5 Things the Best Heavy Haul Trucking Companies All Have in Common

Heavy Haul Trucking Company

When you’re shipping heavy equipment or cargo, having it delivered in a timely manner is essential to keeping industrial projects running on schedule. However, transporting heavy commodities comes with logistical complexities and regulations that can cause headaches and delays if not handled by an experienced team who knows how to navigate the heavy haul shipping process.

From route planning to proper loading and unloading, a team of expert heavy haul logistics professionals and experienced heavy haul truck drivers is essential for the job to run as smoothly as possible and avoid roadblocks for maximum safety and on-time delivery.

Before you sign your logistics team, be sure to check out this detailed guide on some of the most important considerations you should take into account when you hire a heavy haul trucking services company to ship your oversized freight or heavy haul equipment.

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1.) Heavy Haul Planning

Certain trucking companies will set specific limits and rules when it comes to shipping. You should find a heavy haul trucking company that focuses 100% on safety and following guidelines and not cutting corners.

Hiring an experienced trucking company like Titan Worldwide is will make sure that large and heavy loads are properly managed and that the heavy haul truck drivers have the right training and equipment. Our routes are planned in accordance with your equipment, and we always secure the necessary permits. Here are a few things to look for when it comes to planning the load.

  • If you’re moving heavy freight internationally, additional permits and regulations will need to be considered that you may not be aware of. The company you hire should make sure you have everything that is needed before starting.
  • Make sure they have the necessary permits before starting. Different states and locations may have unique permits depending on the route. There may need to be a guide car, lights, and banners.

An expert heavy hauler will never cut corners to save money or time and will always follow the movement plan. Trying to hire a company that does mainly LTL (less than truckload) shipping to haul your oversized load could be a disaster. If you want to send oversized freight, find an expert.

truck lowboy shipping
Lowboy shipping and RGN hauling services at www.titanww.com

2.) Heavy Haul Experience & Equipment

Not all heavy haul trucking companies have the equipment necessary to transport your load. Some companies may specialize in medium-sized loads while some are able to carry large loads cross-country. Depending on your load, you may be best suited to hiring a company with experience moving cargo closely related to your project.

There are a variety of trailers used to haul oversized loads, each of which is used to carry different types and sizes of equipment. These trailers include:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Double drop trailers
  • Multiple axle trailers
  • Step deck trailers
  • Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers and
  • Stretch trailers

Make sure to double check the company you hire can handle your exact type of equipment.

female insurance adjuster writing on notepad inspecting truck cargo

3.) Heavy Haul Insurance Coverage

Oversized loads can be a huge liability. Often times you’re moving a large piece for a client, so a lot is on the line for your or your company. The same thing goes for the heavy haul company. If they mess up, can they cover the damages?

Make sure that the company you hire has the insurance required to safely perform the job you hire them for. Along with insurance coverage for the exact type of hauling, a trucking company should also have insurance that covers the total weight of the load. Accidents can occur anywhere, which is why companies should have insurance for even the shortest trips. Always check to see if you need supplemental insurance to keep your investment protected.

Having the right amount of insurance will allow you to:

  • Avoid unexpected losses related to damaged or undelivered goods
  • Avoid paying for medical bills in the event of an accident
  • Avoid legal issues following a truck accident
  • Be confident that 100% of your shipment is covered
heavy haul truck with a Caterpillar 3900 GAL excavator on trailer

4.) Heavy Haul Pricing & Contracts

Like most things, you get what you pay for when hiring a heavy haul shipping company. Some businesses make the mistake of hiring the company with the lowest price. Because of the importance of having your heavy haul loads transported to the intended destination without being damaged, quality is far more important than price.

If you’re paying a good price, make sure the company you hire has at least several years of experience, employs drivers with class A licenses, and uses modern equipment. Shippers who charge premium prices often have access to extra resources that can help get the job done right. Don‘t overlook the value of a heavy haul transport company that has experience hauling your exact piece of equipment. Their experience will more than pay for itself.

If you’re a company looking to haul multiple pieces of large equipment, you can also attempt to add value to the service you’re paying for by obtaining add-on services, which some heavy haul trucking companies provide.

Flatbed shipments and over-dimensional shipments are separate services that you can add to your heavy haul trucking request. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a deal, especially if you can be a repeat customer.

If you’re new to hiring a heavy haul company, make sure to review their contract closely. If there’s something you’re not sure about, ask. Reputable trucking and logistics companies will answer all of your questions in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. If you find a company is unable to answer some of your questions or their proposal is lacking key pricing information, go in another direction. The various pieces of information that a trucking company should give you before you sign a contract or agreement include:

  • Shipping timelines
  • Transportation services and costs
  • Insurance coverage types
  • Load capacity
  • Shipping options
heavy haul truck transporting a crane

5.) Heavy Haul Safety Measures

The final thing you should know before hiring a company is the safety measures the company has taken. Any load you ship should be kept safe to keep any costly losses at bay. Even though accidents can occur for any reason, you should avoid hiring a trucking company that has been in a high number of accidents over the years. If they have a website, do they stress safety and compliance?

Some of the primary safety measures that the best heavy haul trucking companies will take include:

  • Adhering to service regulation hours – Most truck drivers are paid based on the mileage they drive, which is why it’s common for truck drivers to complete their jobs as quickly as possible so they can begin another shipment. Make sure, however, that you hire a company that doesn’t compromise the safety of the cargo. Whether the company uses owner-operators or employs its own fleet of drivers, safety is key.
  • Securing permits – Depending on the type of load and destination, there are permits needed when transporting large equipment.
  • Movement plans – Before embarking on the journey, a movement plan must be submitted to the proper authorities. This contains details of the equipment, licenses, route details, and estimated shipment time
  • Performing regular fleet maintenance – Every carrier is required to perform routine vehicle repairs, maintenance, and inspections before a trip occurs. The most important factors that must be checked during these inspections include the brakes, mirrors, horns, fluid levels, and health of the engine.

If you’re searching for a trucking company that will haul your heavy goods or equipment, hire an experienced heavy haul company like Titan Worldwide. Our services and capabilities extend to construction equipment, break-bulk cargo, super loads, hazmat shipping, heavy equipment, and machinery. Contact us today to request a quote.

Author: Justin Tyme
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