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Flatbed Trucking Services

At Titan Worldwide, we offer expert flatbed trucking services tailored to meet your specific transportation needs. Our fleet of flatbed trucks is designed to handle a wide variety of cargo, making us a preferred choice for shipping heavy equipment, oversized loads, and other complex haulage tasks. Our team of professionals is well-equipped to securely load, transport, and unload your cargo, ensuring it arrives safely at its destination. We cover all major routes across the United States, and we’re also well-versed in Canada’s transportation regulations, extending our high-quality flatbed trucking services across the border. At Titan Worldwide, we bring precision, efficiency, and reliability to every haul.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Titan Worldwide is more than just a flatbed trucking service provider; we strive to offer an unrivaled customer experience. From the initial consultation to the successful delivery of your cargo, our team prioritizes clear communication, transparency, and tailored solutions. We understand that each haul is unique, and we customize our services to accommodate your specific requirements. Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations, along with our comprehensive understanding of logistics and regulatory compliance, makes Titan Worldwide the ideal partner for all your flatbed trucking needs. Trust us to deliver not only your cargo, but also peace of mind, every time.

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Types of flatbed trailers

  • Standard Flatbed Trailer: These are the most common type of flatbed trailers. They are extremely versatile and can be loaded from the top, sides, or rear. They are typically 48 to 53 feet in length and up to 8.5 feet in width.
  • Step Deck or Drop Deck Trailer: This type of trailer is similar to a standard flatbed but features a “step” in the deck to accommodate cargo that is taller than what a standard flatbed can legally haul.
  • Double Drop Trailer: These trailers have a raised section at the front and rear (the “gooseneck”) and a lower section in the middle. This design allows for the transport of tall or oversized items that would exceed legal height restrictions on standard flatbeds.
  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer: RGN trailers have a detachable front, allowing the trailer to be used as a ramp. They are used for carrying long and heavy items such as heavy machinery or large vehicles.
  • Extendable Flatbed Trailer: Also known as stretch trailers, these are specifically designed for carrying long loads such as beams, steel bars, or pipes. They can be extended to more than double their length to accommodate these items.
  • Conestoga Trailer: These have a retractable tarping system that covers the cargo and provides protection from the elements. They are useful for transporting loads that need to be top-loaded and protected from weather but are sensitive to side-loading.
  • Lowboy Trailer: Lowboy trailers are similar to double drop trailers but have an even lower deck height, making them ideal for hauling very tall or heavy loads.
  • Sidekit Trailer: A Sidekit is a 48-foot flatbed with 4-foot wooden sides. They are used to carry loads that need to be dumped onto the ground rather than unloaded.

Each of these trailers serves a unique purpose in the flatbed trucking industry, and choosing the right one depends on the nature of the load that is being transported.

Benefits of flatbed shipping

The benefits of flatbed shipping are abundant, making it a preferred option for many businesses. Flatbed shipping provides unparalleled versatility, accommodating a wide variety of cargo sizes and shapes that wouldn’t fit in standard enclosed trailers. This versatility extends to the loading and unloading process, as flatbed trailers can be accessed from the top, sides, or rear, facilitating easier and faster operations. Moreover, with the ability to handle oversized and heavy loads, flatbed shipping proves its worth in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture. Finally, the availability of specialized flatbed trailers, such as step deck, double drop, or extendable trailers, allows for tailored solutions to unique transportation needs. When it comes to efficient, flexible, and reliable freight shipping, flatbed shipping by Titan Worldwide is a superior choice.

Common flatbed shipping questions

  • What are the typical dimensions of a flatbed trailer? A legal flatbed trailer is typically 48’ long and 8.5’ wide, with varying deck length for step decks, double drops and removable goose necks (RGNs). When loading a flatbed trailer, shippers need to be aware of the maximum height and width allowed on roads. Our helpful experts can guide you through those determinations.
  • What are some common types of flatbed trailers? Legal flatbeds, step decks, double drops and RGNs are some of the most common flatbed trailers used for shipping.
  • Are tarps required for all shipments? Not all flatbed loads require a tarp. With this in mind, it’s important to find a truck that is properly appointed should you need one.
  • How are products loaded and unloaded onto flatbeds? The process to load flatbed shipments is dependent upon the particulars of the shipping location and the type of cargo being handled. If your goods require the use of a crane for loading, take steps to ensure the appropriate equipment is available when your truck arrives for the most efficient operation.
  • Are additional accessories required when shipping via flatbed? Similar to tarps, the required use of items like chains or corner protectors should be conveyed when booking the shipment. This way, your freight service provider can help designate the appropriate truck for your shipment.

Flatbed shipping tips

  • Be knowledgeable about your freight: When booking a flatbed shipment, be sure to understand all the particulars of your shipment, including the commodities being shipped, the value, dimensions and weight. If your flatbed shipment is hauling uniquely shaped or heavy freight, then securing, loading, and unloading it might be more physically taxing. This is particularly critical if your freight is pushing the length, height, or weight limits of the flatbed trailer.
  • Understand the trailers: Familiarize yourself with the equipment before you book a shipment to make the most cost-effective and safe choices. Extended trailers and Conestoga’s can be harder to find and your freight service provider may need advanced notice when they are required.
  • Work with professionals: Think about working with an expert that can help secure capacity and locate the equipment needed to move your freight. It will certainly make shipping a lighter load for you.




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Flatbed Transport Trailer

The flatbed trucking trailer is the most commonly used trailer in the freight transporting industry.  These trailers are highly versatile which is why they are on the road so often.  From steel coils to construction material, flatbed trailers can carry a maximum of 48,000 pounds.   The lengths vary as follows: 24 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 48 feet, and 53 feet, the most common being the 48 feet flatbed trailer.  Flatbed trailers height from the ground typically is 60 inches total, which would be considered dock high in many cases.

Since the deck is flat and open, the cargo may require tarps to protect it from the outer elements.  Tarps range from the standard 4 foot to 8 footers.  Different loads require different tarps.

Legal Flatbed Trailer Dimensions | Titan Worldwide

Maximum Freight Dimensions

  • Maximum freight weight- 46–48,000 lbs.
  • Main deck (MD)- 48′–53′(L) x 102″(W) x 8′6″(H)

Flatbed Trailer Dimensions 

  • Length (L)- 48′–53′
  • Width (W)- 102″
  • Height (H)- 5′ (dock height)

Expandable Flatbed Transport Trailer

Flatbed stretch trailers are also referred to as extendable flatbed trailers. They are mainly used for carrying excessively long loads that are unable to fit on a standard type of trailer. Known for providing maximum support, these stretch trailers make it possible to avoid the risks of overhanging freight.

115 ft Expandable Flatbed 

  • Maximum freight weight of 36,000 – 45,000 pounds
  • Maximum Expandable Flatbed Trailer Length- up to 115 ft
  • Maximum Expandable Flatbed Trailer Width- 8’6″
  • Maximum Legal Freight Height- 9 ft

Cargo protection

Tarps are available in several sizes to accommodate different sized loads. The most common tarp sizes are 4′, 6′, and 8′ long. Product height will determine the tarp size to fit your needs (i.e., if 8′ is needed, use an 8′ tarp).

Cargo securement

  • Chains
  • Straps
  • Binders
  • Coil racks
  • Dunnage
  • Pipe stakes

Specialized equipment

  • Stretch trailers
  • Curtainside
  • Moffet
  • Maxi
  • B-Train
  • Landoll

Trailers vary depending on the load requirements and state regulations. These are standard equipment dimensions (these dimensions are provided for general information purposes only). Permits may still be required for your freight, but regulations vary from state to state.  To find state regulations for loads exceeding the legal dimensions, click here.

Tailored transport solutions to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. Click below to tell us more about your upcoming shipment.
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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Titan Worldwide is a fully licensed, bonded and insured heavy equipment transport firm that operates in all 48 contiguous US states, Canada and Mexico.
Titan Worldwide is a leading provider of efficient flatbed trucking and innovative logistics solutions across the nation. We diligently adhere to the regulations set by the United States Department of Transportation, maintaining proper licensing for both intrastate and interstate cargo transport. Prioritizing your peace of mind, our drivers and the company both carry extensive cargo insurance, ensuring complete coverage for your valuable freight.

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