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Removeable gooseneck “aka RGN” (or Lowboy) trailers are a good option for RGN shipping companies looking to ship heavy equipment that is not able to be transported on a more conventional trailer, such as a flatbed.

RGN’s are a type of double drop trailer – similar to step decks, lowboys and other flatbeds in that they are open (not covered) which allows them to transport very large and heavy items that couldn’t be moved inside of a trailer.

Double Drop | Lowboy | RGN Trailer Dimensions & Weights

Available Double Drop & RGN Trailers Average Legal Acceptable Weights Average Legal Acceptable Dimensions
Double Drop / Detach Trailer 37K – 40K Well Length
Length: 24′ – 29′ 6″
Width: 8′ 6″
Height: Up to 12′
Double Drop / Detach Trailer 38K – 42K Well Length
Length: 24′ – 29′ 6″
Width: 8′ 6″
Height: Up to 12′
Lowboy / RGN Trailer 38K – 42K Well Length
Length: 24′ – 29′ 6″
Width: 8′ 6″
Height: Up to 12′
3 Axle Lowboy / RGN Trailer 37K – 40K Well Length
Length: 24′ – 29′ 6″
Width: 8′ 6″
Height: Up to 12′


RGN Trailer Shipping Service

The double drop trailer, designed for excessively tall cargo, generally has a lower deck clearance of 18-22”, which allows the transport of freight up to 11’6”. For RORO  freight, a removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer variant is used. The RGN trailer can be unhooked into two sections for easier loading and unloading, and also features a well, generally 29’6” long and 20-24” off the ground, allowing for cargo up to 11’8”.


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Removable Gooseneck Loads

Because this type of trailer is so unique, transportation providers usually charge a higher price for removeable gooseneck loads.  So, if you’re going to use a RGN trailer,  you’ll want to make sure they’re absolutely necessary to keep costs down.


If you’re simply shipping something that won’t fit in an enclosed trailer, then flatbed trailers make more sense because they are more readily available and more cost effective. Trailers like lowboys (which is similar rates to RGNs) or step decks should work well – depending on the dimensions of the cargo


Typically, the following items are transported using gooseneck trailer loads:


  • Cranes
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Landscape Loaders
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Compactors
  • Dump Trucks
  • Service and Utility Trucks
  • Telehandlers
  • Landscape Loaders
  • Pile Hammers
  • Skid-Steer Loaders
  • Waste & Recycling Equipment

Gooseneck Load Capabilities

The removable gooseneck trailer allows a ramp to be created at the front of the trailer once the driver disconnects the neck from the trailer itself. If you’re trying to load a large RT crane onto a trailer, it would be much easier to drive it rather than it be loaded by another crane.


There are a couple of simple steps to knock out this loading  1) the trailer separates into two pieces, which allows wheeled and tracked equipment to drive onto the trailer 2) the two parts are reconnected and the equipment is ready to be hauled.


As you might suspect, RGN flatbed trailers are capable of hauling a large amount of weight. Their length also allows them to transport multiple or extremely long items – some even stretching out even more to accommodate the aforementioned. Capabilities will differ depending on the trailer being used, but in general terms, the max capabilities of legal RGN loads are as follows:


  • Weight: 42,000 lbs
  • Length: 29-30 ft
  • Width: 8.5 ft
  • Height: 12 ft


These extreme capabilities make RGNs the best choice for transporting very heavy farm equipment and construction equipment. Their capacity for large amounts of freight weight means even the biggest pieces of equipment can be shipped with RGN trailers.

RGN Trailer Manufacturers List

Below you will find a list of manufactures of well known RGN shipping trailer brands, some more seen on the road than others but well made none-the-less.


  • Birmingham
  • Challenger
  • Cozad
  • Dynaweld
  • Elwell Parker
  • Etnyre
  • Hyster
  • International
  • Kaylyn Siebert
  • Liddell
  • Load Max
  • Murray Trailer
  • Phelan
  • Proline
  • Rolls Rite
  • Shop Built
  • Specialized
  • Trail-Eze
  • Wallace
  • XL Specialized Trailers

RGN Freight Rates

RGN shipping trailers are on the more expensive end of trailers to hire for a job, largely in part due their scarcity, specialization and type of equipment they can haul.  The unique capabilities of a removable gooseneck trailer allows heavy wheeled equipment (or even tracked) to drive onto the trailer direct from the ground.  This saves huge on crane or loading costs.


Secondly – these trailers are very high dollar for a driver to purchase compared to a standard flatbed trailer.  They require more maintenance to keep them operating properly, which further drives up the cost for RGN shipping companies.  These costs are then a part of the driver’s overhead and need to be recouped.


Due to such costs involved, this type of trailer is less seen on the road.  Since supply of said trailer is limited, the cost to hire one is higher because they would more than likely need to deadhead to your location from further out.




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RGN (Lowboy) Transport Trailer

The RGN shipping trailer (some know to be as a big brother to the lowboy trailer) is a type of double-drop trailer that is usually a total length of 48 feet and is also as low to the ground as you can get – which means it can haul the taller cargo.  Some of the names people often refer to this trailer includes: gooseneck, specialized, lowboy and detachable trailer.

Key features of RGN shipping is that is can unhook/break apart into two pieces which allows it to load power wheeled or tracked equipment.  The front part of the trailer hooks to the truck itself from the rear.  This allows the trailer to then sit on the ground and act as a small ramp for an open clearance to drive onto.

Between the front gooseneck and rear upper deck is a low deck area referred to as the “well”. The well is typically 29 feet in length and is usually around 18 inches to 24 inches from the ground – allowing for the transport of freight that is around 12 feet in height. Since this is a specialized trailer – it usually demands a premium hauling rate.


General Capabilities Measurements
Maximum Freight Weight 42,000 lbs
Main Deck Length 29′
Main Deck Width 8′ 6″
Main Deck Height 12′
Front Deck Length 10′
Front Deck Width 8′ 6″
Front Deck Height 8′ 6″
Rear Deck Length 9′
Rear Deck Width 8′ 6″
Rear Deck Height 10′



General Capabilities Measurements
Standard Freight Weight 42,000 – 150,000 lbs
Main Deck Length 29′ – 65′
Main Deck Width 8′ 6″
Main Deck Height 12′

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What is a RGN Trailer?

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers have the ability to move tall loads, but these trailers also give you the option to load large powered machinery onto the trailer. This is accomplished by driving the machinery on and off.

The “removable” refers to the front of the trailer which is detachable, therefore this allows the trailer to drop to the ground and create its own ramp.

RGN trailers can be designed to haul heavy loads, on the high weight end loads over 150,000 lbs can be transported by removable gooseneck trailers. RGNs can go from a 3 axle trailer to as many axles as are required to disperse the weight of the load. When more axles are used, the heavier the shipment can weigh. RGNs are used commonly in heavy haul projects involving items that are far heavier than routine freight. RGN heavy haul trailers are more specialized versus the more common flatbed trailer, which means this makes RGN trailers more expensive to use and to maintain.

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