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Airman AX27U Mini Excavator Dimensions & Specs

Picture of a Airman AX27U Mini Excavator
Picture of a Airman AX27U Mini Excavator
Picture of a Airman AX27U Mini Excavator

Transport a Airman AX27U Mini Excavator

Transporting a Airman AX27U Mini Excavator is a process that involves multiple steps, each requiring careful attention and expertise. First, the Airman AX27U Mini Excavator is prepared for transport, which may involve disassembling larger components and securing fragile parts.During the loading phase, special equipment like forklifts or cranes may be used

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Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1
AShipping Length Of Unit
13.78 ft in
CShipping Height Of Unit
8.08 ft in
JMax Loading Height
10.54 ft in
KMax Reach Along Ground
14.87 ft in
LMax Vertical Wall Digging Depth
7.29 ft in
MMax Digging Depth
8.6 ft in
BWidth To Outside Of Tracks
5.09 ft in
DLength Of Track On Ground
6.47 ft in
EGround Clearance
1.05 ft in
HTail Swing Radius
2.55 ft in
NShoe Size
11.82 in
Max Travel Speed
1.68 mph


Number Of Cylinders
Engine Make
Engine Model
Gross Power
26.5 hp
Power Measured @
2200 rpm
100.1 cu in
Operating Weight
6173 lb
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure
3626 psi
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity
15.6 gal/min
Reference Bucket Capacity
0.2 yd3

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