International Heavy Equipment Shipping

Titan Worldwide works hand in hand with our international heavy equipment shipping division and project logistics team to put together the perfect transportation program and fits your needs.  After years of relationship building with air and shipping lines, we have built the ultimate network that also includes a vast Rolodex of national trucking companies.   All of these building blocks have helped us put together the perfect solution which equals optimal customer service.

Shipping Over-sized Cargo and Equipment Overseas

International heavy equipment shipping of over-sized cargo is a matter of detail, proper planning and execution.  The cost will depend on the actual size of the freight, machinery or heavy equipment being transported.

What is over-size freight? It’s any cargo that doesn’t fit inside a 40′ cargo shipping container.

Some machinery and equipment just don’t have the proper dimensions to fit the standard specifications of an international heavy equipment shipping container service.

The methods in which to figure if your cargo will fit within the proper shipping methods, see the cargo shipping container sizes below:


Once your goods come into the port, you need to get them to a warehouse/storage or ultimately its final destination.   How should you call for such a service?  Well, Titan surely can help.  If we don’t have the answer – we will point you in the right direction.

Full container load (FCL)

Stuff all your goods into a container and lets get that thing on the boat.  Container sizes range from a smaller 20′ up to a 45′ container.  How much can you fit in there?


When your cargo is ready for delivery but your volume can’t justify the cost of a FTL, whats next?  The better option would be freight consolidation services (or “load consolidation services”) with Titan, where your load shares the ride with others like yours.  Check out our resources section to get some further insight.


PO management

Hazmat & temp control


Out of gauge/special equipment

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How Shipping Heavy Equipment Overseas Works

There are a few different options to choose from when shipping over-sized cargo overseas. When shipping heavy equipment overseas there are specialty processes we use in order to facilitate them.  The following methods are our most popular ways of shipping oversize freight.

Flat Rack Shipping Method

This essentially uses a large container minus the walls and roof. It’s common when shipping boats overseas, trucks, RVs and heavy machinery.

Often, these flat racks are the last items loaded onto a ship. This means the cargo will generally be more exposed to the elements over the course of the sailing.

To combat this, especially with longer shipment duration, we shrink wrap newer vehicles and equipment.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo)

Using the RoRo method for shipping oversize freight internationally is another option. This type of transport is cost effective and simple for large vehicles like trucks, motor homes and RVs. When shipping over-sized vehicles overseas, having wheels becomes a major benefit.

They roll onto the shipping vessel below deck and out of the elements. Generally, operators adhere to a 15-foot height restriction for the loading ramp going into the hull of the ship.

Lift-On Lift-Off (LoLo)

As it implies, transporting with lift on lift off happens for vessels that don’t have storage in the hull. So a crane loads all the items, machines, or equipment onto the deck.

Shipping over-sized cargo that has been crated and vehicles that aren’t running are quite common with this method.

What is Breakbulk Shipping?

Breakbulk shipping is another common term when talking about shipping oversized cargo or heavy equipment. In this case breakbulk shipping is where the goods are loaded onto the top of the shipping vessel. Generally we try to load whatever we can into the vessel itself so your equipment isn’t subject to the elements. Sometimes though the cargo is too large to fit through the opening and must be breakbulk cargo. Once you begin working with a Schumacher rep, we’ll let you know if breakbulk cargo is what you need.

Titan provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly successful supply chain.

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Multi-Modal Transport Options

Our network of partners spans over the entire logistics space, from warehousing to ground transportation and sea to air freight carriers.
  • Ground Transportation

    Our network of over 30,000+ fully vetted and experienced truck drivers move the cargo from the warehouse or place of business to the docks or airports. Whether the load is 5,000lbs or 500,000lbs, we can and have moved it before. We accept the challenge and urge you to push us to the limits. It builds not only character, but also builds an even more expansive knowledge bank.

  • Ocean Freight

    Our customized ocean shipping options allow you to meet ever-changing demands of your clients and production schedules. Benefits include: Full container capacity in all of the major ocean trade lanes; Simplified customs process for FCL ocean freight with timely and accurate data transmissions directly to the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP).

  • Air Freight

    Titan Worldwide will secure a global air freight connection for you that combines the best of service and capacity. Our global logistics team designs a program for you that includes: Direct flight or consolidation services between all major air hubs; Visibility to and tracking of your global air cargo and Trusted single point of contact for clear accountability for the entire journey.

Cargo Shipping Container Sizes

The table of overseas shipping cargo container sizes below shows the dimensions in both standard and metric system measurements. 20ft and 40ft containers are the most common.

45’ High Cube Dry Containers

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:13.556 m44’5 11/16″4,590 kg27,910 kg86.0 cbm
W:2.352 m7’8 9/16″W:2.340 m7’8 11/16″10,118 lbs61,529 lbs3.031 cu. ft.
H:2.695 m8’10 1/16″H:2.579 m8’5 1/2″

45’ High-Cube Reefer Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:13.102 m42’11 3/4″5,200 kg27,300 kg75.4 cbm.
W:2.286 m7 6″W:2.294 m7’6 1/4″11,463 lbs60,184 lbs2,663 cu.ft.
H:2.509 m8’2 3/4″H:2.535 m8’3 3/4″

40’ High Cube Dry Containers

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:12.030 m39’5 9/16″3,930 kg28,570 kg76.0 cbm.
W:2.350 m7’8 1/2″W:2.340 m7’8 1/16″8,663 lbs62,984 lbs2,714 cu.ft.
H:2.690 m8’9 7/8″H:2.579 m8’5 1/2″

40’ Standard Dry Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:12.035 m39’5 13/16″3,700 kg28,800 kg67.0 cbm.
W:2.350 m7’8 1/2″W:2.339 m7’8 1/16″8,156 lbs63,491 lbs2,393 cu.ft.
H:2.393 m7’10 3/16″H:2.274 m7’5 1/2″

40’ Open Top Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:12.043 m39’6″ L:11.858 m38″4,300 kg28,280 kg64.0 cbm.
W:2.338 m7’8″W:2.162 m7’1″9,480 lbs62,344 lbs2,260 cu.ft.
H:2.272 m7’5 1/4″

40 High-Cube Reefer Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:11.577 m37’11 3/4″4,150 kg28,350 kg67.0 cbm.
W:2.294 m7’6 1/4″W:2.290 m7’6 1/8″9,148 lbs62,499 lbs2,366 cu.ft.
H:2.509 m8’2 3/4″H:2.535 m8’3 3/4″

40’ Standard Reefer Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:11.577 m37’11 3/4″3,950 kg7,910 kg58.7 cbm.
W:2.294 m7’6 1/4″W:2.286 m7’6″8,708 lbs61,529 lbs2,073 cu.ft.
H:2.210 m7’3″H:2.238 m7’4 1/16″

40’ Flat Rack Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:12.080 m39’7 9/16″5,480 kg25,000 kg
W:2.420 m7’11 1/4″12,080 lbs55,113 lbs
H:2.103 m6’10 13/16″

20’ High Cube Dry Containers

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:5.919 m19’5″1,900 kg24,800 kg33.0 cbm.
W:2.340 m7’8 1/16″W:2.286 m7’6″4,189 lbs54,673 lbs1,179 cu.ft.
H:2.286 m7’6″H:2.251 m7’4 9/16″

20’ Standard Dry Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:5.440 m17’10 3/16″2,750 kg24,250 kg27.9 cbm.
W:2.294 m7’6 1/4″W:2.286 m7’6″6,062 lbs53,460 lbs986 cu.ft.
H:2.237 m7’4 1/16″H:2.238 m7’4 1/16″

20’ Open Top Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:5.919 m19’5″ L:5.425 m17’9 9/16″2,177 kg21,823 kg32.0 cbm.
W:2.340 m7’8 1/16″W:2.223 m7’3 1/2″4,799 lbs48,110 lbs1,143 cu.ft.
H:2.286 m7’6″

20’ Flat Rack Container

Interior DimensionsDoor OpeningTare WeightPayloadCubic Capacity
L:5.935 m
19’5 5/8″
2,560 kg
21,440 kg
2.398 m
7’10 3/8″
5,643 lbs
47,265 lbs
2.327 m
7’7 9/16″

What is cooperative outsourcing and why is it important?

Today, pressures continue to rise for organizations worldwide due to globalization and just overall lack of proper talent in the supply chain industry. Maybe international freight shipping cooperative outsourcing makes sense to bridge the gap.
With this type of planning, you are now entered into a relationship that gives you the power to add services and resources to your already existing platform that will create positive outcomes. Titans of the industry work hand in hand with your team, learning of the ongoing challenges, quantifying the accumulated data and creating evolving solutions to drive financial metrics. You ultimately have a team of Titans standing by to help with all international freight shipping management all along the way.

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