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Are you in need of power only trucking services? At Titan Worldwide, we specialize in providing this versatile and efficient service to cater to your unique transportation needs.

Understanding Power Only Trucking

In the world of logistics, power only trucking is a specialized service that involves the provision of a truck and driver— the “power”— without supplying the trailer. This means you can utilize your own trailers while relying on our power-only capacity to move your cargo seamlessly from point A to point B.

Why Choose Power Only Trucking?

Power only trucking offers numerous benefits. First, it’s an incredibly flexible solution. Need to transport a fully loaded trailer, an oversized load, or even multiple trailers at once? A power-only solution is just the ticket. It’s also cost-effective, as you won’t have to worry about the overhead costs associated with maintaining your own fleet of trucks.

Truckload Services by Titan Worldwide

At Titan Worldwide, our truckload services are second to none. We offer robust power-only load capabilities, ensuring your freight is delivered safely, efficiently, and on time. Our experienced drivers and modern fleet are ready to handle all types of cargo, providing peace of mind and reliable service.

Titan Worldwide: Your Trusted Power-Only Carriers

Choosing a reliable carrier is crucial in the transport and logistics industry. As one of the leading power-only carriers, Titan Worldwide is committed to providing unparalleled service. With our power-only trucking, we bring reliability, versatility, and efficiency right to your doorstep.

We understand the ever-changing needs of the freight industry and have built our services to adapt to these changes. When you partner with Titan Worldwide, you’re opting for a service that meets your needs, whatever they may be.


Power only trucking is an excellent solution for a wide variety of transportation needs. Whether you’re transporting a single trailer or managing a complex logistical project, Titan Worldwide is here to help. Contact us today and let our power only trucking solutions simplify your transportation logistics.

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Rick Aghajanyan
Rick Aghajanyan
Great company to work with. Awesome staff, responsible, very kind. I’ve been doing business with them for a few months, and I see even better perspective with them for the future as they are great people👌🏻
Charlie Quigg
Charlie Quigg
We hired Titan to move our 230 ton Manitowoc from Long Beach, CA to Aberdeen, WA. Their pricing was competitive. We hired them site unseen after a recommendation from the crane broker. Nearly immediately we knew Titan was the right choice. Jerrod "JB" Black had already googled the crane specs and figured out Titan could make the haul in 11 legal loads. We had assumed 12. JB's communication was perfect. Not once were we left "in the dark." In short, I FULLY recommend Titan and JB Black. If the need ever arises we will absolutely use this group again.
Evan Niles
Evan Niles
Titan Worldwide Logistics was a pleasure to do business with. Extremely fast and reliable; provided competitive price, quality service, and most of all they communicated thoroughly. Had the pleasure to work with Jerrod Black, who stopped at nothing to make sure the process was seamless and our customers were satisfied, and their drivers were a good representation of the top notch service we provide. Very upbeat and professional throughout the entire process. Positivity is contagious and Jerrod makes sure that your experience is a positive one. Hauling in and out of refineries can be complicated but they made it easy. I definitely recommend their services! Ask to work with J Black. You wont be disappointed.
Sloan Jernigan
Sloan Jernigan
Meagan and Titan Worldwide have helped us with multiple fleet vehicle transports. She has wonderful communication and coordination when it comes to timely pickup and delivery. She has always been fast to respond with any request we have thrown her way. We 100% recommend Titan and look forward to using this for all of our transport needs!
Martin Monnig
Martin Monnig
Awesome team! Real problem solvers and great communication throughout the process of a couple of complicated freight moves. Highly recommend!
Dave Marlar
Dave Marlar
I have used Titan several times to transport semi-trucks and trailers across the country. I have worked specifically with Meaghan Mock and she is amazing. She asks all the right questions and is cool, calm, and collected. She is also very quick to respond to any questions or situations during the transport of the equipment.
Dan Kirk
Dan Kirk
Very Fast and professional work. Takes care of our high end clientele.
Cameron Hendricks
Cameron Hendricks
I used Titan Worldwide to hotshot a forklift from South Dakota to Wyoming and was very happy with their service. The pickup and delivery went smoothly, with no issues or hiccups. Our branch received their forklift within a day. The whole process was fast and easy, from the price quote to offloading. Big thanks to Ashley Hawkins. A+ service and professionalism.
Eric Ammerman
Eric Ammerman
Titan has been a great partner for all of my vehicle transport needs. Fast quotes, excellent communication, and competitive prices. I will always email Titan first! Meagan is always fast to respond and extremely helpful!
Jeffery Wasserman
Jeffery Wasserman
Great to work with, show up on time, know their business.

Our Power Only Transport Services & Capabilities

Titan can combine power-only trucking with leased or purchased trailers, but either way, the power-only load offers the benefits of versatility, flexibility, and scalability. Power-only trucks can hook up with various types of trailers, allowing us to help you correct network imbalances, position trailers in advance, tear down after an event, and adjust to seasonal volume increases. Here is how we can help you:

Drop trailers for later loading

Drop trailer services allow a driver to leave a trailer at the facility for unloading or loading at the receiver’s convenience and to pick up previously loaded trailers at a scheduled time. Since live loading is not always feasible, drop trailers are a great solution for preventing long wait times for a driver and easing the issue of understaffed warehouse workers.

The term trailer pool, or drop pool, refers to a group of drop trailers left at the same facility. These facilities often have several trailer pools with each carrier to maintain them.

Drop and Hook

A competent, knowledgeable driver and logistics team with experience in excavator shipping can make loading and unloading a hassle-free process. Titan Worldwide also arranges for all escort vehicles and pilot cars for heavy haulers transporting oversize loads and heavy equipment. Our company has the breadth of expertise you can rely on for cost, schedule, and logistics.

Urgent Shipments

Power-only carriers provide a significant advantage when you have unexpected freight that nobody can haul. Our power-only trucks’ flexibility means your cargo should never sit without a power unit to move it to its destination.

Money Saving Transport

Using power-only on those special occasions saves money over hiring a driver and buying a tractor. It makes excellent business sense to use power-only trucking if you’ll only need someone for a few weeks or months out of a year.

Power only shipping has some unique factors that will end up affecting the price. It is important that you know these so that you can plan accordingly and make the most of your transportation budget. Additionally, you can partner with a third-party logistics (3PL) company that will be able to help you with any problem.

  • Deadhead distance – Deadhead in shipping is when the truck driver is driving without any load or fright attached. So, in power only it is how long the driver must travel in order to get to the pickup point and what kind of market they up delivering the trailer in, as a driver it’s better to be in a major hub looking for a load than the middle of nowhere.
  • Weight and size – These are the big two factors that will impact how much your shipment costs. Weight impacts fuel usage by the truck which is obviously a big factor when determining the price of shipping.

Types of Freight We Ship

Tailored transport solutions to meet your needs

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Companies We Serve

Power Only Trucking Across All 50 States

As a power-only trucking company with a top-notch reputation, we’ve grown a network with vast reach, giving you global access for all of your shipping needs. Our priority is working with you to ensure your success in a competitive global market.

Power Only Shipping FAQ

What is Power-Only Trucking?

This service is an industry term that is used when an independent truck driver uses his truck tractor to transport your trailer that you have either leased or purchased from the manufacturer or auction.  Since more logistics companies move about three times the amount of trailers as tractors, there is usually a need for power-only shipping bc of the vast demand for trailer moves.  It is a great transport method for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Will power-only loads always be cheaper?

No, they might not. Power-only shipping could be more expensive than regular truckload carriers, such as dry vans, over the same distance. It all depends on how far the driver must travel without freight.

Are there special requirements to become power-only carriers?

Any carrier may become a power-only carrier. If a trucking company supplies shippers with a truck and driver–but no trailer–they act in a power-only capacity.

Should I hire several drivers to transport all my trailers simultaneously?

Hiring one driver to go back and forth all day will likely be more economical. Of course, that will depend somewhat on the deadhead distance.

What types of companies are candidates for power-only trucking?

Companies that ship open-deck and dry van commodities, own a private fleet of trailers, and have few trucks and drivers to haul them are prime candidates for power-only trucking. 

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