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Crane Disassembly and Preparation for Transport

When it comes to transporting cranes, Titan Worldwide excels in the meticulous task of crane disassembly and preparation. Our skilled team ensures that every component is systematically disassembled, inspected, and packed with utmost care. We follow a strict protocol to safeguard each piece, using specialized containers and packing materials designed to withstand the rigors of transit. This attention to detail and commitment to safety ensures that your crane arrives in pristine condition, ready for reassembly and operation. Leveraging our expertise in crane disassembly and preparation, we help streamline the transportation process, mitigating risks and facilitating a smooth journey for your heavy equipment.

Route Planning and Permits for Crane Transportation

At Titan Worldwide, we understand the importance of diligent route planning and acquiring the appropriate permits for crane transportation. Given the considerable size and weight of cranes, detailed planning is essential to avoid potential obstacles and restrictions. Our team meticulously maps out the most efficient and safe routes, taking into account factors like road conditions, bridge clearances, and traffic patterns. Additionally, we handle the complex process of obtaining the necessary permits for oversized and overweight loads. Our expertise in managing these critical elements ensures uninterrupted, compliant transit, reaffirming Titan Worldwide as your dependable partner in heavy haul shipping.

Loading, Securing, and Unloading Procedures

Ensuring the safety of your crane during transport is our highest priority. At Titan Worldwide, we utilize best-in-class loading, securing, and unloading procedures to guarantee the safe transit of your heavy equipment. Our experienced crew uses the latest equipment and proven techniques for loading and unloading your crane. Once onboard, we secure the crane using industry-approved methods, such as chains and straps, to prevent movement during transit. We conduct thorough safety checks before, during, and after transport, assuring the integrity of your crane at every stage. Our commitment to safe and secure crane transportation underscores Titan Worldwide’s standing as a trusted leader in the heavy haul shipping industry.

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Our Crane Transport Services & Capabilities

The transportation process for truck cranes and stationary rigs requires the innovative logistics solutions and heavy-haul trucking services you’ll find with our Titan Worldwide. From loading to unloading, weigh stations to docks, we assure you that your crane transport will be worry-free and on time.

Crane Rigging

Rigging is as much an exercise in math and science as a brute force for a heavy equipment hauler. At Titan Worldwide, we provide the material, rig your items on-site, and move them to your new project location. We are a comprehensive, one-stop shop with crane hauling and shipping solutions that begin at rigging and culminate when we deliver your crane.

Extensive Driver Vetting

Our vetting process ensures that the heavy equipment truck driver has the experience, safety record, licensing, bonding, and insurance for every crane delivery. Our job is to get your construction crane and any other construction equipment from your current job site to the new job site as safely and seamlessly as possible. Our crane transportation goes beyond shipping, including route planning, escort vehicle contracting, and load security to ensure your crane arrives without damage.

Full-Service Logistics

Titan Worldwide has the experience to correlate the dimensions of the crane, heavy equipment, or shipping container to the trailer to make a move safely and efficiently. We will find the best route to transport your specific crane without hassles or compromising safety. We can even ship your crane internationally. Our expert team will plan and coordinate every detail to help achieve a safe and timely delivery.

Oversized Cargo Trailers

Whether your cargo needs a lowboy trailer, double deck, RGN, or an extended trailer, we have the team to handle the permitting and routing of the move. Titan Worldwide can help ship your crane locally, regionally, or from coast to coast.

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Crane Transportation FAQ

What kind of cranes do you transport?

We have the experience, reputation, and capabilities to move any crane for our customers: forklifts, Tadano all-terrain cranes, Liebherr crawler cranes, floating cranes, and all mobile cranes. Titan can get your crane transported safely and on time.

How does a crane get transported?

As the name suggests, mobile cranes move by themselves. Some of these, such as all-terrain cranes, can drive over almost any surface, including specific roads and highways. Taller fixed cranes are transported on heavy-duty trailers in pieces and assembled at the construction site.

How do I transport a driveable crane?

Many cranes are roadworthy and drivable and, if properly registered, can easily be transported by road to and from the job site on their wheels. Large drivable cranes may require escort vehicles and special permits to be driven on public roads or through cities. However, the crane owners can often organize this process on their own.

What kind of trailers do you offer for shipping cranes?

Most standard freight trailers can sustain 30,000 lbs. with double 15,000 lb. heavy-duty axles. To handle 80,000 lbs. or more requires heavy-duty tri-axle trailers with low ground clearance for height constraints.

Some of our common types of trailer types include:

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN):

  • Max Weight: 150,000+ lbs; Main Deck Length 29 ft.
  • Well Width 8.5 ft.
  • Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.

Step Deck Trailer/Drop Deck

  • Max Weight: 48,000 lbs.
  • Max Length 53 ft.
  • Max Width 8.5 ft.
  • Max Height 11 ft.

Flatbed Trailer

  • Max Weight: 48,000 lbs.
  • Max Length 53 ft.
  • Max Width 8.5 ft.
  • Max Height 8.5 ft.

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