Massachusetts Heavy Haul &
Machinery Shipping Services

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Massachusetts Heavy Machinery Shipping Services

Titan Worldwide is your premier Ohio heavy-haul trucking company for commercial transportation services such as hauling construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, and all other types of heavy equipment hauling services in the Buckeye state and nationwide, including Canada and Mexico.

Please send us a quote request for your specialized transportation needs. From arranging logistics, supplying experienced truck drivers, and supporting your specialized equipment until it is delivered, we have built our business on providing exceptional customer service and trucking services. Drop us a line to chat about your next shipment to or from Ohio.

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Our Massachusetts Trucking Routes

We operate on all four interstate roadways in the state:
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    I-84 – runs north/south from I-90 into Connecticut in the southern part of the state

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    I-90 – goes east/west across the southern portion of the state from New York to Boston

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    I-91 travels north/south through the western third of the state from New Hampshire to Connecticut

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    I-93 – runs north/south in the eastern part of the state, from New Hampshire to I-95 south of Boston

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    I-95 – travels north/south in the eastern part of the state from Maine to Connecticut

Titan Hauls Heavy Equipment Throughout Massachusetts and Surrounding Areas

Titan is one of the leading heavy haul trucking companies in Massachusetts, with the experience to handle all types of oversize and challenging loads

Ports Served

The state operates commercial ports in Boston and New Bedford. Three other ports are now historic tourist spots, including:

  • Port of Boston – Atlantic Ocean port on Massachusetts Bay
  • Port of New Bedford – Atlantic Ocean port on Buzzards Bay
  • Port of Sandwich – Atlantic Ocean port on Cape Cod Bay
  • Port of Provincetown – Atlantic Ocean port on Cape Cod
  • Port of Salem – Atlantic Ocean port on Salem Bay

Airports Served

Massachusetts has nearly 30 airports, including almost 20 general aviation airports and one international airport. The busiest airports in Massachusetts are:

  • Boston – international airport
  • Nantucket – primary airport
  • Hyannis – primary airport
  • Worcester – primary airport

Types of Freight We Ship


We haul to/from all US States!

Click on one of the states to read more information on our heavy haul services in that specific area.
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Some of Our Heavy Haul

Tailored transport solutions to meet your needs

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Massachusetts Heavy Haul Trucking FAQ

What kind of permits will I need to transport cargo through Massachusetts?

The driver of an oversized load needs to obtain a permit from the state of Massachusetts. Super load carriers will also need special permits.

When you work with Titan for your trucking needs, our truck drivers will take care of all the permitting needs required to ship your load through Massachusetts, as well as any other states the shipment will be transported through. That means no delays, no fines, and no hassle for our clients! Delivering your shipment safely and on time is our top priority.

Will I need an escort to transport my cargo through Massachusetts?

Escort requirements are determined by the final size of your shipment. At a minimum, all oversize loads/vehicles must display “Oversize Load” on both front and rear.

If oversized loads are traveling on one of Massachusetts’ highways, one escort is required for lengths over 80′, widths over 12′, or heights over 13’8″. Two escorts are required for widths over 13’6″, heights more than 13’11”, or a length over 95′. Police escorts are required if the width is over 14’11”, or if the load is over 115′.

Our team is committed to making the process hassle-free for our customers. Our truck drivers will make all the arrangements if pilot cars are needed for any of the locations your cargo will travel through, whether across the northeast region, into Canada, or all the way to Mexico.

What's considered an oversized load in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the legal dimensions for standard trucks and loads, including overhang, are 53′ long, 8’6″ wide, and 13’6″ high, with a gross weight ranging from 80,000.

Titan Worldwide has experience working with the rules and regulations of Massachusetts. Our logistics team will create a tailored shipping solution so you don’t have to worry about anything.

To obtain more information on dimensions and regulations for oversize loads, Click here to see Massachusetts oversize permits

How much does it cost to ship oversized loads in Massachusetts?

You can generally expect to pay between $2.30 and $10 per mile. Many factors affect the cost of shipping goods, including:

  • Load size
  • Type of goods
  • Mileage and designated routes
  • Pick up and destination location
  • Time of year and trucking demand
  • Number and type of permits required
  • Escort requirements

Titan is your one-stop transportation solution for all your heavy cargo. Contact us today for an all-inclusive price quote that includes all delivery, permit, and escort costs. We would love to serve your business!

What kind of trailers do you have for handling heavy equipment?

As heavy-hauling logistics professionals, we specialize in transporting oversized heavy construction equipment, agriculture machinery, oilfield rigging, and other types of industry equipment throughout Massachusetts and across the country. Our solutions, resources, and trucking equipment are tailored to the specific needs of each business.

A common option in our heavy haul fleet is our flatbed trailer, which can support heavy loads up to 48,000 pounds.

For many super loads, we utilize our removable gooseneck RGN trailers (also called step deck or lowboy trailers). The maximum weight of this trailer is over 150,000 pounds. This option is ideal for very large items over the maximum height for hauling inside a trailer.

No matter what the job requires—whether a gooseneck, flatbed, or step deck trailer—our company will determine the right trailer for your transport, and guarantee to load and deliver it safely and professionally.

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