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How do you ship a bulldozer?

Bulldozer shipping is something you want done correctly and efficiently from heavy haulers and transport companies. In matters of heavy construction equipment, you can rest assured Titan Worldwide does complete due-diligence in matching your bulldozer to the best and most cost-effective trailer. While keeping your costs as low as possible is our goal, some larger pieces of construction equipment require heavy-duty trailers for safe bulldozer transport.

Trailers used to transport bulldozers include:

  • RGN trailers
  • Step deck trailers

Larger bulldozers—those that weigh more than 30,000 pounds—travel aboard RGN trailers.

RGN trailers exist in many axel configurations. The dimensions of the bulldozer dictate which type of RGN trailer you will need to ensure safe heavy equipment hauling. Trust your agent to help you select the type of trailer that’s right for your project.

For smaller bulldozers, such as the Caterpillar D5K and the Komatsu D3, step-deck trailers are usually the best choice to transport your equipment safely. In general, utilizing step-deck transport for small bulldozer shipping is less expensive than RGN shipping, comparatively.

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Bulldozer manufacturers

Smaller bulldozers can weigh less than 20,000 pounds. The largest bulldozers can weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds. Freedom Heavy Haulers ships all types of bulldozers. We’ve shipped bulldozers made by:

Tips for bulldozer shipping

To ship bulldozers effectively, make sure you provide the exact dimensions of your bulldozer to your transport agent. Larger bulldozers more than eight-feet wide typically qualify as an oversize load and usually require oversize permits. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reduce the width of your bulldozer to make it fit within standards.

Your large bulldozer shipping may also challenge height limits during the route. Measure from the top of the cab to the bottom of the treads. Most states allow around 13-feet of vertical clearance during transport. Other considerations for bulldozer shipping include:

  • Loading Your Dozer. If your smaller dozer fits on a step-deck trailer, you’ll need steel ramps for loading. Most drivers have ramps, but we always make sure. Bulldozers are usually loaded from the rear of the deck trailer.
  • Shipping Your Blades. Some state regulations require you to disengage the bulldozer blade from the bulldozer while in transport. In other instances, your blade might be too large to travel aboard the same trailer during your bulldozer shipping. Again, determining your exact blade dimensions is important.

Types of bulldozer attachments

The term bulldozer usually refers to a tractor that is equipped with a blade. Although the vast majority of bulldozers are tracked vehicles, four-wheel drive hydraulic bulldozer transport is available.


While bulldozer tractors are rather standard, bulldozers attachments vary significantly. The main types of attachments used on bulldozers includes:

  • S-Blade. Used for fine grading, an S-blade is smaller than other attachments. It might be able to travel along with your bulldozer.
  • U-Blade. Taller than an S-blade, your U-blade attachment might have to travel as a separate load on another trailer.
  • SU- blade. Used for pushing rocks, your SU-blade attachment also might be able to travel alongside your dozer.
  • Ripper. A ripper blade is a claw-style device used to break rocky ground orsoil. Rippers must be detached from the dozer for transport.

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Types of bulldozers

  • Crawler Bulldozers
  • Wheel Bulldozers
  • Mini Bulldozers

Bulldozer blades

  • Straight Blades (S-Blade)
  • Universal Blade (U-Blade)
  • S-U (Semi-U) Blade
  • Angle Blade
  • Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) Blade

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