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At Titan Worldwide, we are the industry standard for long distance heavy equipment transport. We provide complete, third-party logistics including shipping services, heavy haul transport, transport planning, the latest technological resources, and expert advice from over a decade of industry experience. Whether it’s construction-related heavy equipment, oversize loads and overweight loads, or even super loads, Titan Worldwide can handle it all with exceptional precision and unparalleled accuracy.

We are dedicated to getting your project going on
time because your success is our success.

Amir Z.
Amir Z.
I have had nothing but absolutely positive experience working with Meagan and the team at Titan Worldwide. Meagan was very receptive to my schedule changes and was fast to respond back and coordinate the new alternatives. We will definitely work with them again for our freight needs.
Emma Casteel
Emma Casteel
Very smooth transaction. Megan was super helpful. Pick and delivery was flawless.
Randles Cheese LLC
Randles Cheese LLC
Titan brought us a truck we bought from California. Everything went smoothly and everyone was very nice and professional. Highly recommended!
Dylan Loomis
Dylan Loomis
I worked with Ashley to ship an Audi from TX to MA. The car arrived in excellent condition within a few days, and Ashley was responsive throughout the entire process.
Dan Kirk
Dan Kirk
K. Heath
K. Heath
First time working With Titan Worldwide Logistics. They will be my go to contacts for time sensitive oversized freight from now on. Their Customer service is out of this world w/ prompt daily updates. They stayed true to their quote and ETA was on point ! I recommend Titan hands down.
Paterfamilias Ames
Paterfamilias Ames
Thank you Ashley! Titan provided enclosed transport of my car across country and they were not only extremely competitive on price - they were willing to commit to a much tighter schedule - and then they actually got it done as promised! If you are looking to transport a car - you really need to talk to these folks. Extremely happy with service and even happier with the price!
Lance Power
Lance Power
Titan Worldwide Logistics was a pleasure to do business with. They checked all the boxes, competitive price, quality service, and most of all they communicated thoroughly. I worked with Meagan and she was awesome! Oversized hauling can be complicated but they made it easy. I definitely recommend their services!
Francis Teruel
Francis Teruel
Titan Worldwide Logistics it's a professional place, Kind People, They do their best to help you with what you need, Fast service......
Bryan Douglas
Bryan Douglas
Excellent customer service and communication. Extremely fast and professional. Ashley and her team got it done when no one else could. I will definitely be using their services again.

Our Heavy Haul and Heavy Equipment Transport Services & Capabilities

Hiring the right heavy haul trucking service can make all the difference in moving heavy equipment to and from job sites. From hauling industrial machinery to large construction materials, Titan Worldwide can fulfill your heavy equipment transport needs.

Construction Equipment

Our construction clients need heavy equipment transport services to get the equipment and raw materials they need to make a project work.

From the pipe and lumber mills providing the raw material, to the construction companies who put them together, our heavy equipment movers and lowboy trucking will help to make sure your project happens without any extra hassle.


Transporting heavy equipment and machinery can be one of the most difficult aspects of any project. From mining and construction to oil and gas, heavy machinery is a requirement for success.

Titan Worldwide will not only transport heavy equipment to the place that you need it, but we will also handle the planning at an affordable cost.

More than that, you can rely on our exceptional knowledge of international shipping.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging Service

Rigging is as much an exercise in math and science as it is brute force for a heavy equipment hauler. At Titan Worldwide, we provide the material, rig your items on site and then transport them wherever they need to go.

We are a comprehensive, one-stop shop with shipping solutions that begin at rigging and culminate at the moment of delivery.

Hazmat Shipping

Our hazmat FTL freight shipping services offer secure, certified shipping for hazardous materials in any DOT freight class. Our experts will help you navigate permits, ensure goods are properly packaged, and communicate closely with you every step of the way until the moment your cargo is safely delivered.

Over Dimensional & Super Loads

We have specialized heavy haulers equipped for over-dimensional and super loads. We can work with you to obtain oversize load permits, find the right carrier and plan the route to ensure oversized loads arrive to your final destination.

Regardless of industry, whether it be oil, construction or mining, Titan Worldwide has the resources and expertise you want and should expect from heavy haul trucking companies. We make the shipping process as easy and efficient as possible, without exception for less than a truckload or a full truckload.

To ensure you have proper permits and escorts for these loads, please check with you state DOT or the USDOT.

Lowboy / RGN

Our lowboy trucking companies have drivers equipped with every step deck trailer from a 2-axle lowboy trailer to a 14-axle trailer to carry the biggest equipment allowed on the road.

We plan the route, help obtain any special permits, provide the transportation and work to ensure every job is completed on time. No matter what type of over-sized machinery or heavy equipment you are transporting, Titan’s lowboy trucking can handle it.

Breakbulk Cargo

When shipping equipment overseas via ship or barge, you need a shipping company able to take that freight to its final destination–not just from port to port. Titan Worldwide can take the freight from ship to site and manage the logistics along the way.

High Risk/High Value Freight

If you have oversized fragile or high-risk cargo to be shipped, Titan can deliver your heavy equipment shipment. Your freight will travel on one trailer from pick up to delivery, lowering the potential risk of damage during transfer.

Types of Freight We Ship

Titan provides expert solutions to meet your heavy haul needs

Our network combines some of the most knowledgeable heavy hauling drivers in the industry with some of the most specialized vehicles and equipment. We listen well and work together to create a truly successful supply chain with no weak links.

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Companies we serve

Shipping Heavy Equipment Nationwide in All 50 States

As one of the most reputable heavy equipment transport companies, we’ve grown a network with vast reach, giving you global access for all of your heavy equipment shipping needs. Our priority is working with you to ensure your success in a competitive global market.

Heavy Hauling FAQ

What type of freight requires heavy haul services and overweight permits?

Oversize loads are freight that exceed the legal criteria within a given state, including the width, height, and length of the load. Moving heavy equipment by truck requires not only specialized trailers and equipment, but also specific permits by state to meet guidelines set by the national government. For example, a shipment requires heavy haul services if it exceeds the following dimensions:

  • Length: 53 feet
  • Width: 8.6 feet
  • Height: 13.6 feet
  • Weight: 80,000 gross pounds

Heavy haul trucking is a necessary service when dealing with big load sizes. A specialized heavy equipment transport company like Titan Worldwide can help you navigate the regulations for shipping heavy equipment.

What kind of special trailers and equipment do you offer?

Most standard freight trailers can sustain 30,000 lbs with double 15,000 lb heavy duty axles. To handle 80,000 lbs or more requires heavy-duty tri-axle trailers with a low ground clearance for height constraints.

Some of our common types of trailer types include:

Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN):

  • Max Weight: 150,000+ lbs; Main Deck Length 29 ft.
  • Well Width 8.5 ft.
  • Legal Height Limit 11.6 ft.

Step Deck Trailer/Drop Deck

  • Max Weight: 48,000 lbs.
  • Max Length 53 ft.
  • Max Width 8.5 ft.
  • Max Height 11 ft.

Flatbed Trailer

  • Max Weight: 48,000 lbs.
  • Max Length 53 ft.
  • Max Width 8.5 ft.
  • Max Height 8.5 ft.

Additional equipment options include mega ramps, jeeps, dollys, and more, depending on the freight.

Where do you operate?

Titan Worldwide is a shipping company with nationwide transport services delivering heavy equipment freight to all fifty states.

We work directly in and out of the ports, including but not limited to Barbours Cut and the Bayport Container Terminals in Houston TX.

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