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Oversize Load Hauling Services

Titan Worldwide provides reliable and efficient transportation services for all types of over-dimensional freight. Whether you’re shipping large machinery, heavy equipment, or other oversized cargo, our team has the expertise and resources needed to get your load to its destination safely and on time.

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Janet Carney
Janet Carney
Great company to work with. Information is always clear and concise.
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juan carlos Hernandez
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Tim Khre
Great communication and very helpful. Highly recommend.
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Eric Baker
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priscilla hernandez
Great customer service, fast, and reliable!
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devin fulcher
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Stephen Lowisz
Titan is a great heavy freight logistics and transportation company I highly endorse.
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Stefanie Miculob
Great working with you all!
Kale Vanantwerp
Kale Vanantwerp
This company has very good customer service and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that we get our equipment where it needs to go. Their logistics coordinator always calls or emails me ahead of time to double check that the correct truck and trailer are coming for the equipment being hauled.

Oversize Load Transport Services & Capabilities

From planning routes and obtaining necessary permits to specialized rigging and securement, we handle every aspect of oversize load transportation. Our team of skilled professionals understands the unique challenges involved in transporting heavy cargo and is trained to handle complex logistics. We implement stringent safety protocols and follow industry best practices to ensure secure transportation of your oversized freight in compliance with all legal regulations and safety standards.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment

From mining and construction to oil and gas, many industries rely on heavy machinery for success. Our clients need reliable transport services to get both heavy equipment and raw materials to project sites. Titan Worldwide handles heavy haul transport and planning at an affordable cost, helping to ensure your project happens without any extra hassle.

Over-Dimensional & Super Loads

Titan Worldwide is an experienced heavy hauler with the resources and expertise needed to get equipment and materials transported safely to your project site. We can handle the most challenging cargo, using specialized trucks and trailers equipped for over-dimensional and super loads. We work with you to obtain oversize load permits, find the right carrier, and plan the route to ensure loads arrive at their final destination safely and on time.

Breakbulk Cargo

When transporting equipment overseas via ship or barge, you need an experienced shipping company able to take that freight to its final destination–not just from port to port. Titan Worldwide offers inland transportation services, taking freight from ship to site and managing logistics along the way.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging

Titan Worldwide’s heavy haul services include rigging your items on-site and transporting them wherever they need to go. We are a comprehensive, one-stop shop with shipping solutions for all types of oversized freight.

Flatbed Trucking

To transport an oversize load, we might choose an RGN trailer (removable gooseneck) or a simple flatbed trailer with a larger bed size. Our lowboy trucking companies have drivers equipped with every type of step deck trailer from a 2-axle lowboy trailer to a 14-axle trailer that carries the biggest equipment allowed on the road.

Route Planning

Oversize load transport begins with planning. We understand the route planning process and how to determine the legal limits of heavy freight. We look at all the variables and potential trouble spots whether over short or long-distance trips to ensure your shipment reaches its destination in a professional and timely manner.

Pilot Car and Escort Vehicle Services

Overweight loads and wide load shipments often need pilot cars and escort vehicles to ensure the safety of other drivers and our truckers. Titan Worldwide can take care of hiring and scheduling these services so your load arrives where it needs to be safely and on time.

Heavy Haul Permits

After completing the route, we contact each entity along it to obtain the required state, county, or township oversize permit. We have pre-existing accounts with various governing entities, making it a smooth process for everyone involved.

Titan provides expert solutions to meet your project needs

Contact us today to discuss how our oversize load trucking services can provide fast and safe delivery to your project site. We listen well and work together to create a truly successful supply chain with no weak links.
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Hauling Oversize Loads Across All 50 States

As one of the most reputable oversize load trucking companies, we’ve grown a network with vast reach, giving shippers access to a global supply chain network for all of your shipping needs. We handle local and long-haul deliveries all across the USA, as well as in Canada and Mexico. Click on any state to read more about our transportation services in each region!
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Oversize Load FAQs

What is oversized truck freight?

An oversize load is made up of cargo or large items exceeding the total length, height, or width limits legally set for specific trailers. Since the maximum legal load is 8.5 feet for both height and width, anything over those dimensions is considered an oversize load shipment. To transport over-dimensional freight, heavy haul trucking companies must obtain special permits and use specialized equipment. Heavy haul shipments may also require a planned route and pilot cars to ensure safe and cost-efficient transport.

How do you price oversize loads?

The cost of transporting oversize loads depends on various factors such as the cost of labor, equipment, gas, insurance, and permitting (which varies by state). Almost every oversize load exceeding 12 feet in width also requires pilot cars for safe travel. Oversize load shipping is usually calculated per mile or per day.

What are some examples of oversize loads?

Many types of cargo fall into the category of “oversize loads,” including:

  • Construction equipment and mining equipment such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, and dump trucks
  • Heavy equipment used for manufacturing and farming
  • Large trailer-mounted equipment requiring tow-away power-only services
  • Pre-assembled homes
  • Boats

Titan Worldwide is an experienced transport company offering heavy haul shipping services for all types of oversize loads – including both heavy machinery and raw materials.

Is Titan Worldwide licensed and insured to transport heavy equipment?

Absolutely. Titan Worldwide operates in strict compliance with all relevant regulations, holding all the necessary licenses for heavy equipment transport. Furthermore, we provide the utmost protection for your valuable cargo by maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage. Our commitment to regulatory compliance and insurance coverage underlines our dedication to providing you with the most reliable and secure heavy machinery transportation services. Learn more.

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