Nationwide Oversize Load Trucking Services

When it comes to oversize load trucking, you need a reputable oversize load trucking company to handle your transportation needs. At Titan Worldwide, the leading oversize load trucking company, we are the industry leaders in heavy haul trucking, providing reliable and efficient services for over-dimensional freight. Whether you’re shipping large machinery, equipment, or other oversized cargo, our oversize load trucking company has the expertise and resources to get your load to its destination safely and on time.

Expertise in Oversize Load Trucking

As a specialized oversize load trucking company, our oversize load trucking company understands the unique challenges and requirements involved in transporting oversized and heavy cargo. Our oversize load trucking company’s team of skilled professionals is trained to handle complex logistics, ensuring that your freight complies with all legal regulations and safety standards. We, as the oversize load trucking company, have a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles, including specialized trailers and equipment, designed to securely transport oversize loads of various dimensions and weights.

Safe and Efficient Oversize Load Shipping

At Titan Worldwide, the leading oversize load trucking company, safety is our top priority. We, as the oversize load trucking company, implement stringent safety protocols and follow industry best practices to ensure the secure transportation of your oversize freight. Our oversize load trucking company’s experienced drivers are well-versed in handling oversize loads, utilizing advanced techniques to maneuver through challenging routes and navigate potential obstacles. With our oversize load trucking company’s comprehensive insurance coverage and commitment to excellence, you can trust us, as the oversize load trucking company, to deliver your cargo intact and on schedule.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Transportation Needs

As the leading oversize load trucking company, Titan Worldwide offers a range of services to meet your unique oversize load trucking company requirements. From initial route planning and obtaining necessary permits to specialized rigging and securement, our oversize load trucking company’s team will handle every aspect of your transportation project. We, as the oversize load trucking company, understand the importance of timely delivery, and we strive to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency throughout the entire oversize load trucking company process.

Contact Titan Worldwide for Your Oversize Load Trucking Needs

When it comes to oversize load trucking, trust the expertise of Titan Worldwide, the leading oversize load trucking company. Our oversize load trucking company’s dedication to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other oversize load trucking companies. With our oversize load trucking company’s specialized equipment, experienced team, and commitment to excellence, we, as the oversize load trucking company, ensure a smooth and hassle-free transportation experience for your oversize freight. Contact our oversize load trucking company today to discuss your transportation needs and experience the Titan difference.

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Dave Marlar
Dave Marlar
I have used Titan several times to transport semi-trucks and trailers across the country. I have worked specifically with Meaghan Mock and she is amazing. She asks all the right questions and is cool, calm, and collected. She is also very quick to respond to any questions or situations during the transport of the equipment.
Dan Kirk
Dan Kirk
Very Fast and professional work. Takes care of our high end clientele.
Cameron Hendricks
Cameron Hendricks
I used Titan Worldwide to hotshot a forklift from South Dakota to Wyoming and was very happy with their service. The pickup and delivery went smoothly, with no issues or hiccups. Our branch received their forklift within a day. The whole process was fast and easy, from the price quote to offloading. Big thanks to Ashley Hawkins. A+ service and professionalism.
Eric Ammerman
Eric Ammerman
Titan has been a great partner for all of my vehicle transport needs. Fast quotes, excellent communication, and competitive prices. I will always email Titan first! Meagan is always fast to respond and extremely helpful!
Jeffery Wasserman
Jeffery Wasserman
Great to work with, show up on time, know their business.
Andrew Ahlgren
Andrew Ahlgren
I work for a major insurance company, and Titan Worldwide has been our primary long haul provider for over 5 years. They continue to offer unrivaled customer service and reasonable pricing. Titan is capable of handling the most complex of jobs with expert precision. Meagan, in particular, has been wonderful. She is always available to provide bids, and does an excellent job of keeping us informed throughout the transporting process. I would highly recommend Titan to anyone in need of long distance vehicle hauling.
Titan is very communicative and great to work with. Providing the most affordable pricing to their customers and diverse in what they handle as far as heavy equipment freight goes. They're not scared to take on some new projects and get stuff done. Some of my favorite people to work with. If you don't work with em change that.
Amir Z.
Amir Z.
I have had nothing but absolutely positive experience working with Meagan and the team at Titan Worldwide. Meagan was very receptive to my schedule changes and was fast to respond back and coordinate the new alternatives. We will definitely work with them again for our freight needs.
Emma Casteel
Emma Casteel
Very smooth transaction. Megan was super helpful. Pick and delivery was flawless.
Randles Cheese LLC
Randles Cheese LLC
Titan brought us a truck we bought from California. Everything went smoothly and everyone was very nice and professional. Highly recommended!

Oversized Loads Services & Capabilities

The Titan Worldwide logistics team finds the best truck for heavy loads, determines the legally set maximum size limits for specific trailers, obtains special permits, will secure oversize loads, schedule pick-up and drop-off services, and arranges pilot cars. If you need load assistance, we will provide the required equipment. In other words, Titan Worldwide has the know-how to be your one-stop trucking company for oversize load shipping services.

Construction Equipment

Our construction clients need heavy equipment transport services to get the equipment and raw materials they need to make a project work.


From the pipe and lumber mills providing the raw material, to the construction companies who put them together, our heavy equipment movers and lowboy trucking will help to make sure your project happens without any extra hassle.


Transporting heavy equipment and machinery can be one of the most difficult aspects of any project. From mining and construction to oil and gas, heavy machinery is a requirement for success.


Titan Worldwide will not only transport heavy equipment to the place that you need it, but we will also handle the planning at an affordable cost.


More than that, you can rely on our exceptional knowledge of international shipping.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging Service

Rigging is as much an exercise in math and science as it is brute force for a heavy equipment hauler. At Titan Worldwide, we provide the material, rig your items on site and then transport them wherever they need to go.


We are a comprehensive, one-stop shop with shipping solutions that begin at rigging and culminate at the moment of delivery.

Permit Securing

After completing the route, we contact each entity along it to obtain the required state, county, or township oversize permit. We have pre-existing accounts with various governing entities, making it a smooth process for everyone involved.

Over Dimensional & Super Loads

We have specialized oversize load trucks and trailers equipped for over-dimensional and super loads. We can work with you to obtain oversize load permits, find the right carrier and plan the route to ensure oversized loads arrive to your final destination.


Regardless of industry, whether it be oil, construction or mining, Titan Worldwide has the resources and expertise you want and should expect from heavy haul trucking companies. We make the shipping process as easy and efficient as possible, without exception for less than a truckload or a full truckload.


To ensure you have proper permits and escorts for these loads, please check with your state DOT or the USDOT.

Lowboy / RGN

We might choose an RGN trailer (removable gooseneck) or a simple flatbed with a larger bed size. No matter what we decide, it will be connected to a reputable company and have the required equipment to get the job done.

Our lowboy trucking companies have drivers equipped with every step deck trailer from a 2-axle lowboy trailer to a 14-axle trailer to carry the biggest equipment allowed on the road.


We plan the route, help obtain any special permits, provide the transportation and work to ensure every job is completed on time. No matter what type of oversized machinery or heavy equipment you are transporting, Titan’s lowboy trucking can handle it.

Breakbulk Cargo

When shipping equipment overseas via ship or barge, you need a shipping company able to take that freight to its final destination–not just from port to port. Titan Worldwide can take the freight from ship to site and manage the logistics along the way.

Specialized Route Planning

Oversized transport begins with planning. We understand the route planning process and how to determine the legal limits of heavy freight. We look at all the variables and potential trouble spots whether over short or long-distance trips to ensure your shipment reaches its destination in a professional and timely manner.

Types of Freight We Ship

Titan provides expert solutions to meet your oversized load needs

Contact us today to discuss how our oversized transport services can provide faster delivery and better rates than the average oversize loads carrier. We listen well and work together to create a truly successful supply chain with no weak links.

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Companies we serve

Over Dimensional Loads Shipped Across All 50 States

As one of the most reputable trucking services, we’ve grown a network with vast reach, giving you global access for all of your shipping needs. Our priority is working with you to ensure your success in a competitive global market.

Oversized Load FAQs

What is oversized truck freight?

An oversized load shipment is one made up of cargo or large items exceeding total length, height, or width limits legally set for specific trailers. To transport these oversized loads, heavy haul trucking services must obtain the necessary permits to haul the over dimensional loads, and high, wide, and overweight loads may require an appropriate route to ensure safe transport that’s done cost efficiently.

How do you price oversize loads?

Since the maximum legal load is 8.5 feet for both height and width, anything over that is an oversize load shipment. At that point, you must add in the cost of permits, which are different for each state. For example, California has permit costs of $150, while Mississippi charges $25.

Almost every oversize load exceeding 12 feet requires pilot cars for safe travel. As there are many variables involved in pricing the pilot cars, a rough estimate is $1.75 per mile or $400 per day. Depending on the trucking company you choose, moving an oversize load could start at $2.30 per mile and go as high as $10 per mile for the largest loads.

What are some examples of an oversize load shipment?

With our oversize load trucking service, we can transport:

  • Heavy equipment for mining, manufacturing, and construction
  • Large equipment that is extra wide, long, or tall
  • Pre-Assembled Homes
  • Boats
  • Large Trailer Mounted Equipment Requiring Tow Away Power Only Services
  • Heavy haul shipments
  • Farm Equipment and Machinery

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