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About Our Idaho Heavy Haul Shipping Services

Navigating Idaho Heavy Haul Trucking

Navigating the intricacies of Idaho heavy haul trucking requires expertise and familiarity with the unique landscape and regulatory environment of the state. Titan Worldwide excels in providing premium heavy haul services in this diverse region, seamlessly managing the complexities associated with large-scale transport. From the scenic byways of the Panhandle to the bustling commerce centers of Boise, our fleet moves with precision, adhering strictly to Idaho’s distinct heavy haul permits and regulations. We understand the importance of these rules, ensuring each shipment is compliant and safeguarding the safety of our clients’ cargo and Idaho’s roads.

Expertise in the Gem State’s Transport Landscape

With Titan Worldwide’s extensive experience in Idaho, we know that the state’s diverse terrain poses specific challenges to heavy haul trucking. Our seasoned team is adept at maneuvering large equipment through Idaho’s winding mountain roads, flat agricultural regions, and bustling urban areas. We employ advanced route planning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to handle these demands. Furthermore, our understanding of Idaho’s specific weather patterns and traffic regulations allows us to provide a dependable service, ensuring that your heavy haul freight arrives at its destination securely and promptly, regardless of the unique challenges Idaho’s terrain might present.

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Our Idaho Trucking Routes

Idaho is crisscrossed by several major interstate highways, which serve as vital transportation routes for both passenger vehicles and commercial trucking. These highways play a significant role in supporting Idaho's economy by facilitating the movement of goods and people across the state and beyond. Here is an overview of the major interstates in Idaho and their significance for the trucking industry:
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    Interstate 84 (I-84): Stretching from the Oregon border to the Utah border, I-84 serves as a critical east-west corridor connecting major cities like Boise, Nampa, Twin Falls, and Pocatello. It is a major artery for trucking in Idaho, supporting the transportation of goods between the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the country.
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    Interstate 15 (I-15): Running from the Montana border in the north to the Utah border in the south, I-15 traverses through Idaho, passing through cities such as Idaho Falls and Pocatello. This interstate plays a vital role in facilitating freight movement between the Canadian border, the Pacific Northwest, and southern regions of the United States.
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    Interstate 86 (I-86): Serving as a crucial east-west route in southern Idaho, I-86 connects the cities of Pocatello and Burley. It provides an essential link for trucking operations, enabling the transportation of goods to and from eastern Idaho, the Intermountain West, and beyond.
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    Interstate 90 (I-90): Although a relatively shorter segment, I-90 in Idaho connects the cities of Coeur d’Alene and Wallace. It serves as a significant transportation route for trucking, aiding the movement of goods between the states of Washington and Montana.
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    Interstate 184 (I-184): Situated in the state capital, Boise, I-184 is a short connector route that provides convenient access to downtown Boise from I-84. While primarily serving local traffic, it also assists in the movement of goods within the city.

Titan Hauls Heavy Equipment Throughout Idaho and the North-Western United States

Titan is one of the top trucking companies in Idaho, with the knowledge and experience to handle all types of challenging and oversize loads.

Rail Yards Served

Idaho is an important hub in the U.S. rail network with a number of significant rail yards that facilitate the movement of goods throughout the country. These rail yards are integral to the overall transportation system, working in synergy with trucking operations to ensure smooth transitions from rail to road and vice versa.


Boise Yard in Boise, the state capital, is a significant site for freight exchange. It acts as a vital node where rail freight is often offloaded onto trucks for local and regional distribution.

Nampa Yard is located in Canyon County and serves as a key junction in the Idaho rail network. The facility is perfectly positioned for transferring cargo to the robust trucking network that connects to various agricultural and industrial areas within and outside the state.

Pocatello Yard, situated in Southeast Idaho, plays a central role in the transportation of agricultural goods, with rail cars often filled with local crops. These crops are then trucked from the yard to various processing facilities and markets throughout the region.

Eastport Yard near the Canadian border facilitates cross-border trade. Given its strategic location, this yard allows for the efficient transition of cargo from trains to trucks for further transportation into Canada or south into the U.S.

Lewiston Yard serves the inland port of Lewiston, the farthest inland seaport on the West Coast of the United States. Goods transported by sea and rail converge here, often to be transferred to trucks for final delivery.

Sandpoint Yard in northern Idaho provides key links to the timber industry. Timber is offloaded onto trucks at this yard for transport to sawmills and production plants scattered throughout the region.

Moscow Yard, serving the city of Moscow, primarily aids in the transportation of commodities from the local university and the surrounding agricultural region. Goods are frequently transferred from rail to trucks at this facility, enhancing regional distribution.

Mountain Home Yard in Elmore County is a vital connection point in the state’s rail network. Here, goods are often switched from rail cars to trucks, aiding in the delivery of goods to more rural or hard-to-reach locations within the state.


Each of these rail yards is essential to Idaho’s transport and logistics network, with trucking playing a pivotal role in ensuring goods reach their final destinations efficiently and effectively.

Airports Served

Idaho, known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty, is home to several major airports that serve as crucial transportation hubs for both passengers and cargo. While air travel plays a significant role in connecting people and goods, the state also heavily relies on trucking to ensure efficient transportation across its vast territory.

Here are some of the major airports in Idaho and their brief descriptions, along with insights on how trucking is utilized in each:


1. Boise Airport (BOI): Located in the state capital, Boise, this airport is the largest in Idaho, offering domestic and limited international flights. Trucking plays a vital role in transporting goods to and from the airport, ensuring the timely delivery of cargo.

2. Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN): Situated in Hailey, near the popular Sun Valley resort area, this airport serves as a gateway to the region’s recreational activities. Trucking services are essential for delivering supplies and equipment to support tourism and outdoor industries.

3. Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA): Serving southeastern Idaho, this airport provides connections to major hubs across the United States. Trucking is instrumental in transporting agricultural products, industrial goods, and other commodities in and out of the airport.

4. Magic Valley Regional Airport (TWF): Located in Twin Falls, this airport serves the Magic Valley region, known for its agricultural production and recreational opportunities. Trucking plays a crucial role in moving perishable agricultural goods, such as potatoes and dairy products, to markets.

5. Pocatello Regional Airport (PIH): Serving Pocatello and surrounding areas, this airport connects the region to various destinations. Trucking is crucial for transporting manufactured goods, raw materials, and other cargo to support local industries.

6. Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport (LWS): Situated in Lewiston, this airport provides air travel options to north-central Idaho and southeastern Washington. Trucking is essential for transporting timber, agricultural products, and other goods from the region’s industries.

7. Coeur d’Alene Airport (COE): Serving the Coeur d’Alene area in northern Idaho, this airport offers general aviation services. Trucking plays a role in transporting goods related to tourism and outdoor recreational activities in the region.


Trucking serves as a critical link between these airports and the rest of the state, facilitating the movement of goods and materials that support various industries and contribute to Idaho’s economy.

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Idaho Heavy Haul Trucking FAQ

What is Idaho heavy haul?

Idaho heavy haul refers to the transportation of oversized and overweight loads within the state of Idaho. These loads typically exceed the legal weight and size limits set for regular vehicles. Heavy haul trucking companies in Idaho specialize in transporting these large and heavy cargo, which can include industrial equipment, machinery, construction materials, and other oversized goods. With their expertise and specialized equipment, Idaho heavy haul companies ensure the safe and efficient delivery of these loads to their intended destinations.

How to choose a reliable Idaho heavy haul company?

When selecting a reliable Idaho heavy haul company, consider the following factors: experience, equipment, permits, and insurance. Look for a company with extensive experience in heavy haul transportation, as they will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle your specific requirements. Ensure that the company possesses a diverse fleet of well-maintained specialized equipment capable of handling heavy loads. Additionally, verify that they have the proper permits and licenses to operate within Idaho and across state lines. Lastly, choose a heavy haul company that provides comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your cargo throughout the transportation process.

What are the regulations for Idaho heavy haul transportation?

Idaho heavy haul transportation is subject to specific regulations and permits to ensure safety and minimize the impact on roads and infrastructure. The state’s Department of Transportation sets guidelines regarding weight restrictions, axle limits, route planning, and flagging requirements. It is crucial to work with a knowledgeable heavy haul company that understands and complies with these regulations. They will obtain the necessary permits, plan the most efficient routes, and employ proper safety measures, such as utilizing pilot vehicles and escort services when required.

How are costs determined for Idaho heavy haul services?

The costs associated with Idaho heavy haul services depend on various factors. These factors include the weight and dimensions of the load, the distance to be traveled, the required permits, and any additional services like escorts or specialized equipment. Each heavy haul company may have its own pricing structure, so it’s recommended to request quotes from multiple companies to compare their offerings. Consider not only the price but also the company’s reputation, experience, and ability to meet your specific transportation needs. Click here to see Idaho oversize permits

What are the advantages of hiring an Idaho heavy haul company?

Hiring an Idaho heavy haul company offers several advantages. First and foremost, these companies have the expertise and specialized equipment necessary to handle oversized and overweight loads, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of your valuable cargo. They have a deep understanding of Idaho’s roadways, regulations, and permit requirements, saving you time and effort. Moreover, working with a professional heavy haul company allows you to focus on your core business activities while leaving the logistics and transportation complexities to the experts. By entrusting your heavy haul needs to an experienced company, you can expect reliable and efficient delivery of your goods, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


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