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Excavator shipping services in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico

Titan Worldwide is an excavator transport company and a staple in the construction equipment transport sector with excavator transport services across North America. If the old adage “time is money” holds any truth with you, and if these units aren’t on the job site on time – everyone loses big. Our excavator moving team understands that time is of the essence and that being prepared is vital to the success of excavator transport. Titan Worldwide carefully selects drivers able to meet all shipping needs with rigorous standards. Our vetting process is very strict in making sure each carrier has ample insurance, ratings, bonding, and DOT licensing to protect each load transported.

Preparation for Transportation

Properly preparing an excavator for transport is a crucial step that ensures the safety of both the machinery and the people involved. At Titan Worldwide, we meticulously prepare each excavator for its journey. This includes securing attachments, reducing the equipment to its smallest size, and employing appropriate cleaning measures to prevent the spread of invasive species. Our detailed and comprehensive preparation strategy ensures safe, effective, and environmentally responsible excavator transport, setting us apart in the heavy haul shipping industry.

Choosing the Right Trailer

Selecting the appropriate trailer for excavator transport is pivotal to ensure a safe and efficient haul. Titan Worldwide prides itself in a diverse fleet of trailers, specially designed for heavy haul shipping. Depending on the size and weight of your excavator, we select the most suitable trailer, whether it’s a flatbed, lowboy, or step-deck. Our team’s keen understanding of trailer capabilities guarantees that your equipment is hauled securely and lawfully, upholding our reputation for precision in excavator transportation.

Navigating Transportation Regulations

Navigating the numerous and often complex transportation regulations for heavy equipment like excavators is a significant aspect of our services at Titan Worldwide. We take on the challenge of obtaining the necessary permits, respecting load limitations, and complying with travel route restrictions across various states. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience with transportation regulations minimize potential legal complications and delays. When it comes to legal compliance and efficient transport, Titan Worldwide stands as a leading name in excavator transportation across the nation.

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Shipping Excavators with Titan Worldwide Transport Services and Capabilities

Big box brands like Caterpillar, Kobelco and Volvo carry excavators of all sizes – for jobs big and small. Whether it’s mini excavators or oversize loads, our excavator moving drivers are equipped with trailers to accommodate any size unit. Excavator shipping can be a complicated undertaking. A transport company like Titan Worldwide can simplify the process.

Oversize Excavators

Depending on the weight and size of the excavator, several things have to be taken into account. From the max weight rating of the trailer to getting the excavator ready for transport, not to mention whether multiple trailers and drivers are needed, larger excavators require more transport expertise and an attention to detail. As a specialized heavy hauling company, Titan Worldwide, we have a team of expert excavator transport drivers behind us to handle the biggest jobs.

Escort Cars & Regulation Management

A competent, knowledgeable driver and logistics team with experience in excavator transport can make loading and unloading a hassle-free process. Titan Worldwide also arranges for all escort vehicles and pilot cars for heavy haulers transporting oversize loads and heavy equipment. Our company has the breadth of expertise you can rely on for cost, schedule, and logistics.

Compact and Mini Excavators

A compact excavator is often the simplest to ship, much like any construction equipment that can comfortably fit on a flatbed or step-deck trailer. However, this can get complicated if your job requires transporting multiple mini excavators. Titan Worldwide can not only simplify the process, but optimize for efficiency.

Excavator Loading Logistics Coordination

The size and type of the excavator being shipped impacts the loading process, cost, and time to ship. A more compact excavator is relatively simple to load and tie down, while a larger excavator considered an oversize load may need to be broken down, and in some cases, crane loading is required. These factors can adjust cost of transport, as well as the loading and unloading schedule, both loading, and unloading. Our team is on call to make sure delivery happens on budget and on schedule.

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Excavator Shipping FAQ

What kind of trailer is best for transporting an excavator?

Ensure that the trailer can uphold the heaviness of the excavator and is of satisfactory size, so that there’s no inordinate overhang. More modestsized excavators, for instance, can be transported on a trailer rated for 10,000 lbs of weight, while bigger excavators might require a trailer that can bear 20,000 pounds of weight or more on its axles, such as RGNs and Lowboys.

How do you properly load an excavator for transport?

  • Ensure there is someone on location who knows how to drive an excavator.
  • Ensure the excavator loading happens on level and sturdy ground.
  • Choose ramps able to support the weight of the excavator.  Also, if necessary, add support blocks underneath the ramps.
  • Remove any debris, deposits, or grease from the loading area and the machine so that there is a clean and clear pathway onto the trailer.
  • Engage the engine and make sure to load the heavy side first.
  • Keep the speed as slow as possible while going up the incline until you ensure the excavator has settled on the trailer and let its weight be equitably appropriated to forestall any force or tirewear during transportation.

How do you properly secure the excavator for transport?

  • Drop all of the attachments down and ensure that the bucket is on the floor of the trailer
  • Stop the engine and disconnect the battery connection points to off position.(?) Disconnection ensures the engine does not restart during transit.
  • Lock all the doors and covers of the excavator before you begin transportation.
  • If the excavator has articulation points, pivots or hinges, ensure they have articulated frames and lock them before you begin transportation to prevent articulation during transit.
  • Place all wedges, cradles, chocks and other means, behind each wheel of the machine to firm(usage?) them — preventing shifting or rolling during transportation.
  • Install tie-downs on the rear and front tie-down positions. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of four tie-downs to prevent any movement. Always use maximum securements and connection points to optimize effectiveness and minimize damages during transit.
  • Before hauling, inspect all the tie-down equipment and tie-down points used to secure the machine.
  • Check all the connection pins and hooks and make sure they are all functional
  • If you find any fatigued links, stretches or cracks, remove the tie-downs and service them.
  • Make sure all of the tie-downs on the equipment meet or exceed the machines weight rating.
  • Verify the excavator’s tire pressure to prevent any tire leaks or improper inflation which can cause loosening of the tie-downs.

What are the different types of excavators that can be shipped?

Titan Worldwide has experience shipping almost every type of excavator. This is beneficial when ti comes to knowing the best way to load and unload excavating machines for safety and proper transport. Crawler excavators, for example, have steel tracks rendering them significantly heavier than most other excavating machines such as skid steer excavators.

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