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Nationwide Super Load Transport Services

Titan Worldwide specializes in handling non-divisible loads, super loads and/or oversize loads, and offer reliable transportation solutions for your unique cargo needs. Our extensive experience and specialized trailers make us a trusted choice for safely and efficiently transporting super loads to their destination.

What are Super Loads?

Super loads, also referred to as non-divisible loads, are shipments that exceed the standard legal size and weight limits for transportation. These loads are typically oversized, extremely heavy, or possess unique characteristics that make them impossible to divide into smaller parts. Examples of super loads include large industrial machinery, prefabricated structures, wind turbine components, and other oversized equipment.

Specialized Trailers for Super Load Transport

Transporting super loads requires specialized trailers designed to accommodate the unique dimensions and weight of these shipments. At Titan Worldwide, we possess a fleet of state-of-the-art trailers equipped with advanced features to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your super load. Our trailers are specifically engineered with reinforced frames, adjustable axles, and hydraulic systems to handle the weight distribution and provide stability during transit. These specialized trailers are meticulously maintained and undergo regular inspections to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Expertise in Super Load Transportation

Successfully transporting super loads demands expertise, meticulous planning, and comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and federal transportation regulations. At Titan Worldwide, our team of experienced professionals possesses the necessary expertise and in-depth understanding of the complex logistics involved in handling super loads. We work closely with our clients to assess their specific requirements, obtain the required permits, coordinate with government agencies, and develop customized transport solutions tailored to the unique needs of their cargo.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is our utmost priority when it comes to transporting super loads. We adhere to stringent safety protocols and comply with all relevant regulations to ensure the protection of your cargo, our personnel, and the general public. Our team is well-versed in securing super loads using industry-standard techniques such as specialized tie-downs, bracing, and escort vehicles. We closely monitor the entire transport process, employing real-time tracking systems to maintain constant communication and promptly address any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during transit.

Efficient Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

At Titan Worldwide, we understand the importance of timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to efficiency means that we employ the most optimized routes, leverage our extensive network of resources, and utilize advanced technology to ensure smooth and prompt delivery of your super load. Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to streamline the entire transportation process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Choose Titan Worldwide for Your Super Load Transport Needs

When it comes to transporting super loads, Titan Worldwide is your trusted partner. With our specialized trailers, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, we are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges associated with super load transportation. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our team of professionals provide you with a reliable and efficient transport solution for your non-divisible loads.

Read more information on the difference state oversize regulations.

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Our Super Load Hauling Services & Capabilities

Titan will handle your super load complete with a bridge analysis to ensure loads with extra weight do not compromise the structure. We have will assign the appropriate trailer, choosing from our selection of beam trailers and platform trailers, and assign a driver experienced in hauling extra-heavy machinery and equipment. Transporting super loads is second nature to our drivers and the rest of our team. With a combination of experience and expertise, we will provide top-notch service regardless of dimension details, lead time, or other cargo requirements.

Super Load Permits

A super load permit is a legal authorization required for transporting oversized or non-divisible loads that exceed standard size and weight limits. To obtain a permit, accurate measurements of the load’s dimensions and weight must be provided, along with engineering plans demonstrating safe transport methods. Collaboration with governmental authorities is crucial, as requirements and procedures vary. Additional precautions, such as escort vehicles, may be necessary. Navigating the permit process can be complex, but working with experienced transportation providers like Titan Worldwide ensures compliance with regulations and facilitates the safe transport of super loads.

Super Load Pilot Cars

A super load pilot car, also known as an escort vehicle, is a specially equipped vehicle that accompanies oversized or non-divisible loads during transportation. It serves a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of these exceptional cargoes. The pilot car travels ahead or follows the super load, providing guidance, traffic control, and communication with the driver and relevant authorities. It helps navigate challenging routes, identifies potential obstacles, and warns other drivers of the presence of the oversized load. The use of a pilot car enhances road safety, reduces the risk of accidents, and ensures compliance with transportation regulations for the transportation of super loads.

Super Load Experience

Having experience in moving super loads is vital due to the unique challenges and complexities associated with transporting oversized or non-divisible loads. Experience allows transportation providers to anticipate and navigate potential obstacles, such as route restrictions, low clearance areas, or weight limitations. Experienced professionals possess the knowledge of permit requirements, safety protocols, and specialized equipment needed for secure load handling and proper load distribution. They understand the importance of coordinating with authorities, conducting route surveys, and employing appropriate measures to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of super loads. Experience mitigates risks, minimizes disruptions, and ensures a successful and reliable delivery of these exceptional cargoes.

Heavy Equipment Trailers

Moving super loads necessitates specialized trailers designed to accommodate the unique dimensions, weight, and characteristics of oversized or non-divisible cargoes. Flatbed trailers offer an open platform for flexible loading, while lowboy/rgn trailers feature a lower deck height for taller loads. Extendable trailers adjust to varying cargo sizes, and multi-axle trailers distribute weight evenly. Some super loads may require specialized trailers like perimeter frame or Schnabel trailers. Selecting the right trailer depends on factors such as cargo size and weight. Experienced transportation providers possess a diverse fleet of trailers and the expertise to determine the most suitable option for safe and efficient transport of super loads.

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Super Load FAQ

What determines a superload?

A superload is determined by its weight, dimensions, and characteristics that exceed the legal limits for standard transportation. Generally, it refers to extremely large and heavy loads that require special permits, equipment, and planning. Factors like weight, width, height, and length contribute to classifying a load as a superload. Specialized transport providers handle superloads with specialized trailers, escorts, route planning, and permits to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

How do you ensure safety with a super load?

When transporting a super load, safety is our top priority. We ensure safety through meticulous planning, utilizing experienced drivers, and employing specialized equipment. Rigorous route surveys and permits are obtained, and escorts and pilot cars are used when necessary. Our drivers undergo rigorous training and follow strict safety protocols. We also maintain constant communication with our drivers and monitor the load throughout the journey. Rest assured, we prioritize safety every step of the way.

What is meant by non-divisible loads?

Non-divisible loads refer to shipments that cannot be divided into smaller parts for transportation due to their size, weight, or unique characteristics. These loads often require specialized equipment or vehicles, such as oversized or overweight cargoes, machinery, or construction materials. Non-divisible loads necessitate careful planning and coordination to ensure compliance with transportation regulations and safety standards. Professional transportation providers with expertise in handling non-divisible loads are equipped to manage the logistical challenges associated with these unique shipments, ensuring safe and efficient delivery to their destination.

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