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About Our Mississippi Heavy Haul Shipping Services

Navigating the Ins and Outs of Mississippi Heavy Haul Services

Mississippi heavy haul services are a specialty of Titan Worldwide, where we excel in transporting oversized loads. This service primarily focuses on moving large, hefty, and often irregularly-shaped cargo that exceeds standard legal size and weight limits. With intricate local and state regulations regarding load dimensions, road use, and safety procedures, the process of heavy haul trucking in Mississippi can be complex. That’s where we step in with our expertise, ensuring all the necessary permits are obtained, optimal routes are identified, and transportation operations are conducted safely and efficiently. We take into account the intricacies of the state’s infrastructure, including clearance constraints and road conditions, to deliver your cargo in a timely manner.

Understanding the Complexities of Heavy Haul Trucking in Mississippi

Our adept understanding of the complexities that come with heavy haul trucking in Mississippi is what sets Titan Worldwide apart. Our team diligently keeps up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations set forth by Mississippi’s Department of Transportation. This knowledge allows us to effectively manage risks associated with the transport of oversized loads, be it massive industrial equipment, construction machinery, or other heavy materials. By ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations, we minimize the potential for delays or legal complications, which can save our clients time and money. Our mission is to make the task of transporting large goods within Mississippi as simple and hassle-free as possible for you.

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Our Mississippi Trucking Routes

Mississippi is served by several major interstate highways that facilitate transportation and connect the state to various regions across the United States. These interstates play a crucial role in supporting the trucking industry, enabling the efficient movement of goods and fostering economic development. Here are the major interstates in Mississippi:
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    Interstate 10 (I-10): Stretching across the southernmost part of Mississippi, I-10 is a major east-west interstate that connects the state to the Gulf Coast and spans from California to Florida. It serves as a vital transportation artery for trucking, facilitating the movement of goods, including agricultural products, manufactured goods, and commodities.
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    Interstate 20 (I-20): Running east-west through the northern part of Mississippi, I-20 connects the state to major cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and Birmingham. This interstate is a crucial route for the trucking industry, supporting the transportation of goods, including petroleum products, machinery, and consumer goods.
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    Interstate 22 (I-22): Serving the northeastern part of Mississippi, I-22 connects the state to Memphis, Tennessee, and ultimately extends into Alabama. It plays a vital role in trucking by facilitating the transportation of various goods, including automotive parts, textiles, and food products.
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    Interstate 55 (I-55): Running north-south through Mississippi, I-55 serves as a critical transportation corridor linking the state to major cities such as Memphis, St. Louis, and New Orleans. It plays a significant role in the trucking industry, supporting the movement of goods, such as agricultural commodities, construction materials, and consumer products.
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    Interstate 59 (I-59): Extending through the southeastern part of Mississippi, I-59 connects the state to New Orleans, Louisiana, and Birmingham, Alabama. It serves as a crucial interstate for trucking, facilitating the transportation of goods, including timber, petroleum products, and building materials.
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    Interstate 269 (I-269): Encircling the greater Memphis metropolitan area, I-269 serves as a bypass route for commercial traffic and connects to I-55 and I-40. It plays a significant role in trucking by providing an efficient route for the movement of goods and reducing congestion in the region.

Titan Hauls Heavy Equipment Throughout Mississippi and the Southern United States

Titan is one of the top trucking companies in Arkansas, with the knowledge and experience to handle all types of challenging and oversize loads.

Ports Served

Mississippi is strategically positioned along the Gulf of Mexico, making it home to several major ports that play a crucial role in the state’s maritime trade and economic growth. These ports handle a diverse range of goods, and trucking services complement their operations by transporting cargo to and from the ports, ensuring efficient distribution across the state and beyond.


1. Port of Gulfport: Situated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Port of Gulfport is a thriving container and bulk cargo port, handling goods like steel, agricultural products, and consumer goods. Trucking services are essential for transporting cargo to inland distribution centers and various industries, supporting the region’s economic activities.

2. Port of Pascagoula: Located on the eastern Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Port of Pascagoula is a major deep-water port specializing in shipbuilding, petroleum, and forest products. Trucking plays a vital role in moving cargo to and from the port, connecting it to manufacturing plants and distribution centers throughout the state.

3. Port of Vicksburg: Positioned on the Mississippi River, the Port of Vicksburg serves as a significant inland port, handling a variety of goods, including agricultural products, chemicals, and building materials. Trucking services are crucial for transporting cargo to and from the port, facilitating efficient distribution along the river and beyond.

4. Port of Natchez: Located on the Mississippi River in southwestern Mississippi, the Port of Natchez is an essential port for handling goods such as petroleum, grain, and construction materials. Trucking services support the port’s operations by transporting cargo to nearby industries and businesses.

5. Port of Greenville: Situated on the Mississippi River in western Mississippi, the Port of Greenville serves as a vital inland port for agricultural commodities, chemicals, and manufacturing materials. Trucking plays a key role in transporting cargo to and from the port, linking it to various industries and distribution centers in the region.


In Mississippi, the major ports along the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River are critical to the state’s economy, facilitating the movement of goods for both domestic and international markets. The integration of trucking services complements these ports by providing efficient transportation and distribution solutions, ensuring the seamless flow of cargo to various destinations within the state and beyond.

Airports Served

Mississippi is home to several major airports that serve as important transportation hubs for both passengers and cargo. These airports play a significant role in connecting the state to national and international destinations. Additionally, trucking is a critical component in the logistics chain, facilitating the movement of goods to and from these airports and ensuring seamless delivery to various destinations.



1. Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN): Located in Jackson, JAN is the largest airport in Mississippi, offering a wide range of domestic and limited international flights. Trucking services play a vital role in transporting cargo to and from JAN, connecting it to nearby industries and distribution centers.

2. Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (GPT): Situated on the Gulf Coast, GPT serves as an essential gateway for travelers and cargo, especially in the tourism and seafood industries. Trucking services complement the airport’s operations, providing efficient delivery of goods to various destinations in the region.

3. Tupelo Regional Airport (TUP): TUP is a key airport in northern Mississippi, providing general aviation services and cargo operations. Trucking services are crucial in transporting freight to and from TUP, supporting local businesses and industries.

4. Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR): Serving the Golden Triangle area, GTR connects Mississippi with major cities such as Atlanta and Memphis. Trucking plays a pivotal role in transporting cargo to and from GTR, ensuring timely delivery to regional markets.

5. Meridian Regional Airport (MEI): Located in Meridian, MEI serves as a regional airport offering passenger and cargo services. Trucking services are essential in linking MEI to various manufacturing and industrial centers in the area, supporting economic growth and development.



In Mississippi, these major airports serve as critical transportation hubs, enabling efficient travel for both passengers and cargo. Trucking services seamlessly complement the operations of these airports, ensuring the timely and reliable movement of goods to and from various destinations, supporting industries and businesses across the state.

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Mississippi Heavy Haul Trucking FAQ

What is considered a heavy haul in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a heavy haul refers to the transportation of oversized or overweight freight that exceeds the standard legal size and weight limits set by the state. This typically includes equipment for construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries that require larger machinery. The guidelines for what constitutes a Mississippi heavy haul can vary, but generally, any load surpassing a width of 8.5 feet, a height of 13.5 feet, a length of 48 to 53 feet, or a weight of 80,000 pounds is considered a heavy haul.  Visit Mississippi Department of Transportation for more information.

What are the legal weight limits for heavy haul transportation in Mississippi?

Mississippi heavy haul regulations stipulate a maximum legal weight of 80,000 pounds for a commercial vehicle. However, this weight limit can be divided between the truck’s axles, with each axle group allowed a specific weight to maintain road safety. It’s important to understand that any weight above this limit necessitates an oversize or overweight permit for heavy haulage in Mississippi.  Click here to see Mississippi Axle Weight Limits

How do you secure a permit for heavy hauling in Mississippi?

Securing a permit for a Mississippi heavy haul can be a meticulous process as it involves several steps. First, you need to provide detailed information about the freight, including its dimensions and weight, the intended route, and the type of vehicle used for transportation. The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is responsible for issuing these permits. It’s worth noting that acquiring an oversize or overweight permit can take several days, so planning ahead is crucial in heavy haul logistics.

What safety measures are required for heavy haulage in Mississippi?

Safety measures for Mississippi heavy haul transportation are set by the MDOT and other regulatory bodies to ensure road safety. Some of these precautions include flagging and lighting requirements for oversize loads, specific restrictions on travel times, and the necessity of pilot or escort vehicles for certain heavy loads. All these measures contribute to the safe and successful movement of oversized and overweight freight throughout Mississippi.

What services are available for heavy haul transportation in Mississippi?

There are various services available for heavy haul transportation in Mississippi to meet the diverse needs of different industries. This includes but is not limited to, specialized transport for oversized equipment, route surveying, permit acquisition assistance, and project management. Reliable Mississippi heavy haul services prioritize safety, efficiency, and compliance to deliver your cargo safely and on time, irrespective of its size or weight.


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