Getting Started

Q: What documents do I need to haul for Titan Worldwide?

You will need the following documents to haul freight for Titan Worldwide:

  • A Federal or State Operating Authority (MC or ICC #)
  • Proof of insurance (minimum of $100,000 cargo and $750,000 automobile liability) naming Titan Worldwide as a certificate holder
  • A completed W-9 form

Want to become a Titan Worldwide contract carrier? Applying online is easy. Simply follow the prompts, which will explain what documents you need and when.

Q: Why do I need $100,000 in cargo and $1M in auto liability?

Federal law requires motor carriers have a minimum of $25,000 cargo insurance and $750,000 automobile liability insurance. We will process contracts with carriers that hold this amount for insurance. However, we recommend the limits listed above to avoid limiting the freight available to you.

Q: What kind of equipment and capabilities do you hire?

We have a wide variety of customers with varying needs. The majority of our shipments utilize the following equipment and capabilities:

  • Dry van
  • Temperature controlled
  • Flatbed
  • Specialized
  • Overweight/overdimensional
  • Drop trailer
  • Team driver
  • High value

Manage My Payments

Q: What paperwork is required to receive payment?

Before the payment process can start, we must receive the following documents:

  • Invoice with TWW load number
  • Original signed bill of lading (BOL)
  • Lumper receipts
  • Copy of the TWW confirmation
  • Any other accompanying paperwork

Q: Why haven’t I received payment for a load?

There are several reasons why a load payment has not been released. The most common reasons include:

  • Missing or illegible paperwork
  • Load number is not written on each document received
  • An incorrect load number is written on each document received
  • Bill of lading (BOL) is not signed
  • Damage/shortage is noted on the BOL; in this case, your load representative will have to approve payment after reviewing the situation
  • The originals were mailed in for QuickPay release, but not addressed to the attention of QuickPay
  • Missing carrier invoice; a load confirmation is not an acceptable invoice; the invoice should contain the load number, balance due, and your carrier ID number.

Q: How do I check on the status of my payments?

To check on the status of one or more payments, email or call call our carrier payment services department at (469) 619-1980.

Providing a load number is the fastest, easiest way to find the status of a payment. You can also search for payments using your carrier ID number, however this method is more time consuming and can be out of date based on the status of the load.

Q: What do I do about a discrepancy between a load payment and the amount on the invoice?

If you notice a discrepancy in your load payment compared to the invoice amount, contact the office that booked the load in question.

Our carrier services team can review a load and what was paid on a load (e.g., line haul, unloading, detention), but only the originating office can approve any discretionary amount for payment.

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