Heavy Haul and Heavy Equipment Transport Services

At Titan Worldwide, we are more than just a reliable and efficient heavy hauler. We provide complete, third-party logistics that include shipping, heavy equipment transport company, planning, expert advice and up-to-date technology. Our heavy haul trucking sets the standard for moving heavy equipment over long distances.

Whether you want to move construction equipment, over-dimensional cargo, super loads or anything in between, Titan Worldwide can handle it all with exceptional precision and accuracy.

Our worldwide reach gives you a global solution for all of your heavy equipment transport and shipping needs.  The overall goal is to work with you to ensure all of your success in a competitive global market.

We’re a heavy equipment mover dedicated to getting your project going on time. Most standard freight trailers can carry 30,000 lbs with double 15,000 lb heavy duty axles.

To handle say 80,000 lbs or more, you are going to need heavy-duty tri-axle trailers with a low ground clearance for height constraints.  If needed, additional options include mega ramps, jeeps, dollys, etc.

Nationwide Heavy Equipment Transport Hauler for Oversize Shipments

An over-dimensional load is any freight that exceeds the legal criteria within a given state, but TWW can be your heavy machinery movers.

Our network includes some of the most knowledgeable drivers with some of the most specialized equipment.

We work directly in and out of the ports, including but not limited to Barbours Cut and the Bayport Container Terminals in Houston TX, and serve customers globally to deliver their cargo to its final destination.

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Construction Equipment

Our construction clients need heavy haul services to get the equipment and raw materials they need to make a project work.


From the pipe and lumber mills that provide the raw material to the construction companies who put them together, our heavy equipment movers and lowboy trucking will help to make sure your project happens without a hitch.

Over Dimensional & Super Loads

We have specialized heavy haulers equipped for over-dimensional and super loads. We can work with you to obtain the permits, find the right carrier and plan the route to get your over-sized load to your final destination.


No matter your industry, whether it be oil, construction or mining, we are experts in heavy haul trucking and global transport. Titan Worldwide will make the process as easy and efficient as possible, regardless if you have less than a truckload or a full truckload to carry.


To ensure you have proper permits and escorts for these loads, please check with you state DOT or the USDOT.

Lowboy / RGN

Our lowboy trucking companies have drivers equipped with 2-axle to 14-axle trailers to carry the biggest equipment allowed on the road.


We will plan your route, provide the transportation and make sure that your job can be completed on time. No matter what type of over-sized machinery you are transporting, Titan’s lowboy trucking can handle it.

Break Bulk Cargo

When shipping things overseas on a cargo ship or barge, you need a company to take that cargo to its final destination. Titan Worldwide can take the cargo from ship to site and take care of the logistics along the way.


Transporting heavy machinery can be one of the most difficult aspects of any project. From mining to construction to oil and gas, you need heavy machinery for success.


Titan Worldwide will not only get the equipment you need to the place that you need it, but we will also handle the planning at an affordable cost.


More than that, you can rely on us as heavy machine movers with exceptional knowledge of worldwide needs.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging Service

Rigging is as much an exercise in math and science as it is the use of brute force for a heavy equipment hauler. At Titan Worldwide, we provide the material, rig your items on site and then transport them wherever they need to go.


We are a one-stop shop with a complete solution from rigging to the heavy haul process.


Long and short haul


High risk/high value

Specialty services: Hazmat/mutli-stop/power only

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Titan provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly successful supply chain.

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