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AMCO F15B-4622 Disc Dimensions & Specs

Picture of a AMCO F15B-4622 Disc
Picture of a AMCO F15B-4622 Disc
Picture of a AMCO F15B-4622 Disc

Transport a AMCO F15B-4622 Disc

Transporting a AMCO F15B-4622 Disc is a process that involves multiple steps, each requiring careful attention and expertise. First, the AMCO F15B-4622 Disc is prepared for transport, which may involve disassembling larger components and securing fragile parts.During the loading phase, special equipment like forklifts or cranes may be used

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BTransport Width
12.5 ft in
CTransport Height
9.5 ft in
Min Weight
6420 lb
Working Width Spacing #1 Min
16.5 ft in


Disc System
Spacing #1
9 in
Blade Diameter
22 in
Blade Thickness
0.2 in
Depth Control
Gang Arbor Bolts
1.5 in
Bearing Type
High-Carbon replaceable blades on heavy-duty shanks
Wing Flex Up
17 degrees

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