Maine Axle Weight Limits

Axle Weight Regulations By State

Maximum Legal Weight Allowed

A permit is required when the gross vehicle weight of a single vehicle or a combination of vehicles exceeds the following legal weight limit established for the vehicle type and axle configuration:

Configuration Legal Weight Limit
2-Axle Vehicle 34,000 lbs.
3-Axle Vehicle 54,000 lbs.
4-Axle Vehicle 69,000 lbs.
5 or More Axle Vehicle 69,000 lbs.*
3-Axle Combination of Vehicles 54,000 lbs.
4-Axle Combination of Vehicles 69,000 lbs.
5-Axle Combination of Vehicles 80,000 lbs.
6-Axle Combination of Vehicles 100,000 lbs.**

* Except as provided by Title 29-A M.R.S.A. §2364.

**100,000 lbs. is legal on 6 or more axles consisting of a minimum of a 3-axle truck tractor in combination with a tri-axle semitrailer on General Law Highways. The Maine Interstate System is restricted to 80,000 lbs. except that a combination vehicle consisting of a 3-axle truck tractor and a tri-axle semitrailer may operate up to 100,000 lbs. for as long as a federal law exempting Maine from the 80,000 lbs. interstate limit is in effect.

Maximum Permit Weight Allowed

The maximum weights for which a permit may be granted, without a special and detailed review by the Maine Department of Transportation, are as follows:

Configuration                                                                                         Legal Weight Limit
2-Axle Vehicle 39,100 lbs.
3-Axle Vehicle 62,100 lbs.
4-Axle Truck 73,000 lbs.
4-Axle or more Special Mobile


110,000 lbs.
4-Axle Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 120,000 lbs.
5-Axle Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 130,000 lbs.
6-Axle Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 140,000 lbs.
7-Axle Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 159,000 lbs. to 167,000 lbs. **
8-Axle Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 177,000 lbs.
** Axle Group Limits
1st Axle 12,000 lbs. (20,000 lbs. for 167,000 lbs.)
2nd, 3rd, and 4th Axles 26,000 lbs. (Combined Weight Max. 72,000 lbs.)
5th, 6th, and 7th Axles 27,000 lbs. (Combined Weight Max. 75,000 lbs.)
  1. There is an additional 3% tolerance on any axle or group of axles.
  2. Weights in excess of the above are considered extreme loads and may require detailed engineering reviews. An applicant should allow a minimum of two business days for the Maine Department of Transportation to complete a required review. The applicant may be required to supply additional information not on the application (such as an axle weight and spacing diagram).

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Below is a list of states and their axle weight limits

Click on the states below for links to the state's guidelines for for axle weight limits for commercial vehicles / heavy haul shipping. These regulations are subject to change for each state. If something doesn't look correct, give us a shout and let us know so we can property update the page.


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